Renowned Alzheimer’s and Memory Expert, Swing Jazz, In-Person Balance is Back!

Under brilliant blue skies, scores of guests swayed last Friday evening to the swooning sounds of Wanda Houston and the ultra-talented HBH+T band. Resplendent summer picnics of fresh blueberry pies and crisp farmer market salads were punctuated by mesmerizing drum solos, clarinet riffs, and Wanda's soaring vocals. Don't miss their captivating arrangement of the 1927 classic, "Bye, Bye Blackbird" and please be sure to swing in for our final outdoor concert on August 8 at 7 pm with The Lucky 3 swing jazz band whose infectious music you can sample here.  If you'd like to gather your friends and bring a picnic you can reserve a table here.

While keeping a very close eye on the rising Covid rates, we are embracing the tri-state region's endless array of outdoor summer activities, including cabarets at the Sharon Playhouse and wine tasting at the Land of Nod winery.  On-campus opportunities are equally inviting, including art classes with Jean Saliter and the Art Together workshops offered by Aging with Art and Soul whose goal is to activate memories, stimulate minds, strengthen manual dexterity and provide a creative journey as gratifying as the art produced.

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Dr. Scott A. Small, Alzheimer's and Memory Expert, Speaks August 17

Dr. Scott Small

When Alzheimer's and memory expert Dr. Scott A. Small last spoke at Noble Horizons, he captivated a standing-room-only audience. Dr. Small returns on August 17 at noon (via Zoom) to discuss the latest advances in Alzheimer’s, ongoing efforts to find a cure, updates on memory research, and his new book, Forgetting: The Benefits of Not Remembering.

Dr. Small is the award-winning Director of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at Columbia University, has run a National Institutes of Health–funded laboratory for nearly twenty years, published more than 140 studies on memory function and malfunction, co-founded a biotechnology company focused on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurologic disorders, and has been awarded seven patents for his neuroimaging and molecular work. Dr. Small has been featured in The New York Times, CBS, The New Yorker, and Time magazine among others and published his first book in July 2021. More information and registration.

Noble's Free Wellness Classes-Balance is Back and In-Person!


Noble Horizons' long-running and very popular free weekly balance classes resume this week!  Running continuously for 5-years, the class was on hiatus in July but is now back on Zoom (where it has been throughout the pandemic) AND in-person (if you are fully vaccinated)! You may join the class in the Learning Center every Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 am or take it virtually on Zoom.  Registration is here.

Please consider our two other free wellness classes: Chair yoga on Fridays from 11 am-noon via Zoom (in-person classes begin September 10 in the Learning Center for those who have been vaccinated).  Suzanne Mazzarelli's highly regarded Therapeutic Movement and Breath class continues virtually on Thursdays from 10:30-11:30 am.

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