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Noble Horizons Is a DESTINATION


Welcome to Noble Horizons!

I appreciate this opportunity to share with you this very unique concept in health care today.  Noble Horizons, in its purist definition, is a Senior Living Continuum of Care community.  A deeper look reveals a number of specific programs that have impacted thousands of lives in a myriad of ways, whether as members of our spectacular 110-acre campus or for those residing in the surrounding Tri-State region.   For instance, our rehabilitation success rate, which represents the number of people who, return home after a recuperative stay in our short-term rehabilitation community, is over 90%.  This is a remarkable number far stronger than the national average.  Noble Horizons’ rehabilitation services are as comprehensive as can be in this industry.

While comprehensive skilled nursing,  medically complex care and intensive in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation services are the main reasons people choose Noble Horizons, its lifestyle, amenities, family atmosphere augment the superior care and wide range of services you will discover. The idyllic surroundings provide the perfect backdrop to a holistic approach to care, no matter what your needs.

Physical care and recovery cannot take place in a vacuum.  At Noble Horizons, all aspects of life are intertwined in a tailor made approach to one’s well-being.  An eclectic approach to care means that social, recreational, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, interactional and interpersonal approaches to overall care is necessary to one’s strongest recovery possible.

Noble Horizons is a destination.  A destination of wellness. 

Discover the “Noble Way” to improved health and wellness.


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William Pond

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