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What Is Short-term REHAB?

For those recuperating from surgery, an injury or illness, a short-term residential rehab room in Wagner Terrace bridges the critical transition between hospital and home, typically between two to four weeks.

Are you a previous short-term rehabilitation resident? Your feedback matters and can help us deliver an even better experience.

Short-term rehab Noble Horizons

What Noble Residents and Family Have to Say...

My room was "homie" unlike that of a hospital. I was very comfortable here and everyone was very good to me.

A+ food! Everyone including the transport lady to my doctors for x-rays were very good to me!

The meals and the care were excellent.

I was treated very well by everyone. I would highly recommend being under Noble's care. Staff was very good about coming into my room and checking up on and visiting me. They have wonderful caring nurses. I would recommend Noble Horizon's highly.

Noble was great. I recommend it to everyone

Everyone was personable and accommodating. No stiff formalities. It was great.

Nurses and CNAs were very good They do need more help!! Always for the most part running to take care of everyone. I was very impressed with their caring manner!!

I definitely would recommend the nursing/CNA care there. The atmosphere there is positive.

Was brought in by ambulance and brought upstairs where I was greeted by a CNA whom I know and who ultimately became one of my “guardian angels” during my stay.

Everyone I had contact with was extremely compassionate and kind. I seldom used the call button but when I did their response was immediate. I was not what I would call “sick”, just recovering from bypass surgery. I had 4 CNAs who I called my “guardian angels” and one night nurse. We developed a real connection which made my stay a wonderful appearance.

I would recommend Noble Horizons as my first choice for rehab and overall nursing care.

A very professional, well-organized facility and rehab program.

I wasn’t ready to meet such caring people. I would certainly recommend it if I ever were asked. I want to thank all of you helpers at Noble, you wouldn’t find any better anywhere else, I’m sure.

I would recommend Noble to friends and family! It was much better than ever expected! God bless all of you workers!

Why Should I Use Noble For Short-term Rehab?

Short-term rehab man with walker

24-hour nursing care and daily therapy sessions

Life long use of Fitness Center and access to personal trainer

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists on staff

Specially trained staff for patients age 50 and older

Holistic Approach to Care - treating resident not as a symptom but as a whole person

Specializing in care for patients with Orthopedic, Neurological and Cognitive Disorders

Therapies for swallowing and eating difficulties

Joint Replacement Therapy expertise

11 attractively furnished hotel style private rooms with private baths

Want More Information About Short-Term Rehab?

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Treating the whole person

  • Rehabilitation, with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and fitness center

  • 24-hour nursing care working closely with patient's personal physician

  • IV services

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Wound Care – Wound VACS – Certified Wound Nurse

  • Pain Management




  • Continence Evaluation and Treatment – monthly clinic with APRN Specialist

  • Bladder Scanning

  • Enteral Nutrition

  • Mental Health Services

  • Medicare-eligible stays

  • Medicare Certified

  • Respite stays




Insurances that we accept


and many others with authorization...

Jill Short term rehab

Another Noble Success

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