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Are you cheerful, hardworking and flexible? Let your skills thrive. Join our outstanding staff at a beautiful progressive retirement community. All shifts available. Shift differentials: 2nd shift $1.00, 3rd shift $2.00, weekends 10% differential Competitive wages Supportive environment Comfortable orientation Scholarship fund available Continuing education incentives.


Handling and serving residents in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort. Performing duties in conformance to recognized standards. Providing high-quality resident care within the limits defined by delegated tasks.

Job Description: 

Assists the professional nursing staff and co­workers in providing direct care to residents as assigned.

To apply, please submit an application and reference form (available below) to Autumn Cockcroft, at acockcroft@churchhomes.org.

What Noble Employees Have to Say...

In my 35 years at Noble, much may have changed but the same caring attitude has prevailed. The Cobble is my family.

Lori Jones – C.N.A – The Cobble

Once Covid hit, I knew I made the right decision. Noble is much safer to work in because of its robust COVID measures including employee testing. With private homes, I just didn’t feel it was a safe environment and I knew how careful Noble was.

Cynthia Curran – Housekeeper

Noble is very good at investing in staff. With a very supportive environment, a beautiful campus, and, of course, the scholarship program, Noble helps to support you when you don’t have the luxury of not working full-time. It has been a cushion that has proven to be invaluable in my life.

Autumn Cockroft – Director of Nursing, R.N.

Noble’s warm welcome immediately made me feel at home.

Linda Orlowski – Director of Social Work

Joining Noble was one of the best decisions I ever made. As soon as I got here, I felt so at home. Everyone here is so caring and dedicated.

JoAnna Whitmore – retired Recreation Department member

When you first start working at Noble, the staff are great – they reach out and welcome you. Everybody’s a team player. It’s just a completely different world at Noble.

Lynn Famiglietti – Wellness Coordinator

Everyone from nurse managers, the Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, etc. respects my opinion. If I make an assessment a lot of times I’ll come in the next day and it’s in place.

Royalty – Agency Nurse

I found myself applying at Noble even though I had a negative experience in nursing school during my clinical rotation at a nursing home. Noble turned out to be completely different. It was something about the atmosphere, the team approach, the staff. It feels like family.

Jessica Boardman – R.N.

Noble has become a larger part of my life. The residents, their families, and my colleagues are part of a family. With my coworkers, we help each other if something needs to be done. No one just does their own job – we always pitch in. I’m fortunate to be connected to a community of wonderful people every day.

Linda Castaldi – Director of Admissions

We put the resident first. We’re all here for the same reason–the residents. There is no divide between office staff and healthcare staff. We’re all one team, and if a resident needs something, I’ll do it.

Laurie Frey – Personnel Director

I have always held Noble in high regard. When I was in high school, I worked in the Sharon Health Care Center and Sharon Hospital and Noble was thought of as the holy grail of Nursing Facilities in the community. Not much has changed here, we are still the best of the best and do everything possible to make residents and families feel comfortable.

Danielle Bailey – Recreation Department

I want to work here in the future. This position allows me to see all aspects of Noble and how it’s run. From admissions to the business office, to human resources.

Grace Frey – Seasonal Reception

Everyone is open to working together. I feel listened to and my ideas are taken on board. I’m part of a team.

Kristin Middlebrook – C.N.A

The residents make me feel wanted and appreciated. They’re concerned for me, always asking how I’m feeling, am I warm enough. For me, this isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.

Christina Melius – C.N.A.

We aren’t housekeepers.  We are homemakers. Our residents are so happy we take the time to help them with even the simplest things.

Heather Fresca – Housekeeper

This is a great place to be – from the rest of the staff to the great surroundings, it’s almost like living in a park.

Ken Bathrick – C.N.A.

If this wasn’t a wonderful place to work, I would have moved on. I don’t know any other place I’d rather be. It’s homey here. I could stay doing what I’m doing for a long time.

Lu-Ann Brizzie – R.N.

If I have a problem and no solution, I can call on my coworkers. I ask them, ‘What can we do?’ and with us all working together we come up with a response.

Agnieszka Ostroski - Director of Staff Education, R.N.

My coworkers are so dedicated and committed. Their acceptance of and attention to procedures is critical. We set expectations and they meet them. We have daily meetings that are about all of us putting our heads together to keep everyone safe.

Molly Tanner – Director of Nursing, R.N.

I want to stay here because I love it.  Everybody looks out for each other. It is a really understanding, supportive community.  I love the residents and the families and my co-workers.  I like the feeling of Noble-I really appreciate being here-there is a feeling of home.

Martina Sprague – C.N.A

Even if it’s something as simple as stopping with the residents for a cup of coffee, or as complex as driving an hour and a half to two hours to Hartford or New Haven for holiday visits or doctor’s appointments, I love every moment I get to help. I come to work every day with a smile on my face.

Amy McEnroe – C.N.A.

Let Your Skills Shine

Are you cheerful, hardworking and flexible?

Join our outstanding staff at a beautiful & progressive retirement community. We provide good hourly wages, paid holidays, sick time, personal time, vacation time, and a pension plan. Please submit both an application form and a references form to be considered for employment.

Noble Horizons’ 110 acre campus offers a spectacular setting with exceptional amenities that, for almost half a century, have been enhanced by a proud tradition of teamwork. Our values are reflected in the many advancement opportunities staff enjoy as well as the career longevity. Flexible schedules to fit family and school needs; a supportive administrative team; a newly renovated, comfortable and generously stocked staff room; and a shared pride in the work we do together are just some of the reasons why Noble Horizons could be the right fit for you.

Download our Application Form

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Laurie Frey

Laurie Frey, Personnel Coordinator

16 Reasons to Work at Noble HORIZONS

1. Benefits available in 60 days
2. Double bonus for weekend shifts
3. Excellent Health Insurance
4. Paid weekly
5. Uniform allowance
6. Flexible schedules for students
7. Tuition assistance available for employees and their families
8. Wellness pay benefits
9. Pension 100% vested after 3 years
10. Free use of fitness center
11. Yearly raises
12. Free monthly staff meal
13. Annual employee recognition event
14. Long and short term disability
for qualified employees
15. Life insurance for qualified employees
16. Discount at the Country Store


Noble Horizons has set the standard and prides itself on the benefits that it offers its employees.
Both Noble’s benefits and culture make it the top choice for career opportunities in the region.

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