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2024 Annual Report of Giving (for 2023)

Planned GIVING

Generosity knows no boundaries

Planned gifts and bequests, provide vital funds to ensure that the men and women living at Noble Horizons now and long into the future can count on the exceptional care that has defined life at Noble for almost 50-years.  Gift planning can offer significant tax advantages and provide you and Noble Horizons the flexibility to meet resident needs long into the future.

A planned gift of any size fortifies Noble Horizons, enhancing the sustainability of its endowment, as well as its capital, and operating needs. Examples of planned gifts include naming Noble Horizons as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, a pension, 401(k) plan, or an IRA, and as a beneficiary within charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities.

By making a planned gift, you become a member of the Heritage Society, joining others whose visionary generosity ensures the future vitality of life at Noble Horizons for years to come. The impact of a planned gift is illustrated in the story shared below of former resident Caroline Wall's very generous and transformative bequest. Her will directed the establishment of the Wall Fund which provides a multitude of support systems to help Cottage and Cobble residents enjoy their independence as long as possible.

If you are contemplating including Noble Horizons in your estate plans, please consult your attorney or accountant for the vehicle that best meets your needs. If you would like additional information about planned giving, please contact William Pond, Administrator at Noble Horizons

William Pond

Church Homes, Inc., Congregational is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. Our federal tax identification number is 06-0763898.

I give, devise, and bequeath the sum of $_________ (or ___% or XYZ asset) to Noble Horizons, Salisbury, CT….”

An Unrestricted Use:  To be used in such a manner as the Administrator deems most useful for the general purposes of Noble Horizons, Salisbury, CT

Restricted, Current Use:  To be used for scholarship aid (or faculty salaries, building maintenance, etc) Noble Horizons, Salisbury, CT.

Endowment, Income Unrestricted: To be added to the endowment fund of Noble Horizons, Salisbury, CT, the annual income thereof to be used for the benefit of Noble Horizons,  in such a manner as the Administrator thereof may direct.

Endowment, Income Restricted:  To be added to the endowment of Noble Horizons, Salisbury, CT, to establish the (name of scholarship, fund, program etc), the income from which shall be used to pay, in full or in part…

Giving Appreciated SECURITIES

You may find that you can give more to Noble Horizons at less cost to you by contributing securities that are worth more now than when you bought them. For appreciated securities, a benefit to the donor is the avoidance of capital gains tax. If you have depreciated securities, it may be to your advantage to sell your securities and give the proceeds to Noble Horizons. You receive the charitable deduction for the cash gift and may be eligible for a capital loss.

Please consult with your attorney or accountant to see if:

  1. You can eliminate capital gains taxes on donations of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds you've held for more than one year.
  2. You will be eligible for an income tax charitable deduction based on the full fair-market-value of the stock on the date of the gift.


IRA Qualified Charitable Contributions have been made permanent.

If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to Noble Horizons. You will pay no income tax on the gift and you can reduce your annual income level.

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The Caroline Wall FUND

Cottage - Caroline Wall Fund
  • mim_and_chris_galligan

    "We just love it here, and we’re so glad we made the move when we did. We feel like we’re living in our own house that is just the way we to want it. And we like that Noble is small, so we made friends right away."

    Mim & Chris Galligan, Cottage residents

Caroline Wall, a former cottage resident bequeathed funds to establish a program to provide financial assistance to residents wishing to maintain their independence as long as possible.

The Mission of the Caroline Wall Cottage Support Program is to offer programs, activities, support, and resources that promote optimum health and wellness for independent living residents.  The Wall Fund includes a wellness clinic staffed with a full-time nurse, transportation, delivery services, health monitoring, and other services.

Wellness Clinic - located in the lower level of Wagner Terrace, is available to all cottage residents.  Our Wellness Coordinator can act as a liaison between you and your physician if you like, make recommendations for specialty services, and share with you some regular, old-fashioned conversation! We can also coordinate your hospital visits and lab services.

Caregivers Support Group - assisting family caregivers caring for a spouse/loved one.

Fitness Center - located in the lower level of Wagner Terrace, all residents are encouraged to take part in the fitness program - a personal trainer is available Monday through Friday 9 am-Noon.

Coffee Cafe - for all your connectivity needs with free fresh coffee, newspapers and magazines.

Walking Program - offered at the indoor track at Hotchkiss School in winter and the outdoor track during nicer weather every Tuesday & Thursday morning.

Donate To The Caroline Wall Supplementary Fund

Give Today, Change TOMORROW

The Cycle of Generosity

Mrs. Bates led a busy life at Noble Horizons, active in the Auxiliary, as a volunteer, and throughout the surrounding community. She personified the expansive possibilities of life at Noble by taking full advantage of the support services and opportunities to sustain her independence and vitality, in particular the Caroline Wall Fund.

The Caroline Wall Fund was established through a bequest from former Noble Horizons resident Caroline Wall, who wanted to help residents remain in their cottages as long as possible.  The bequest created the Wellness Clinic, fully staffed by a registered nurse who with her team,  regularly visits residents in their cottages.  The Wall Fund also offers programs to enhance nutrition, fitness, socialization and health as well as the transportation necessary to meet these objectives.

Mrs. Bates frequently used the Wall Fund, particularly the van for transportation, which helped her live independently in her cottage far longer than would otherwise have been possible. When Mrs. Bates passed away, the executors of her estate recognized how crucial the Fund’s transportation services had been to Mrs. Bates and made a very generous donation toward the purchase of a second van which was urgently needed to accommodate the residents’ expanding need for transportation.

Caroline Wall wanted to enrich life for Noble residents and decades later, the impact of her generous bequest continues.  Mrs. Bates continued that cycle of generosity, one that began with a bequest to create Noble Horizons 50-years ago.  It is entirely fitting that Mrs. Bates would build on a legacy that had so enhanced her life, ensuring that future Noble residents would continue to benefit from generous benefactors before them and setting a powerful example of how a gift today can change tomorrow.

In particular, The Caroline Wall Fund provided Mrs. Bates with:

Transportation and an assistant to take her to her medical appointments in CT and NY.

Free access to a registered nurse who helped manage her medical needs including visits to her cottage and through appointments at the Caroline Wall Wellness Clinic.

24-hour availability of a registered nurse via a medical alert call system.

Meal delivery to her cottage or transportation to the dining room for meals to ensure that she maintained her optimal level of nutrition.

Transportation to the grocery store or pharmacy or an assistant who would do her shopping and errands if she was not up to doing them herself.

Regular transportation to and from her cottage to meet with the personal trainer (funded by the Caroline Wall Fund) in the fitness center and to attend Noble’s weekly balance class or to the internet café where she enjoyed free coffee, snacks, the paper and visits with her many friends on a daily basis.

Every aspect of Mrs. Bates’ life at Noble was deeply enriched by The Caroline Wall Fund. She was able to remain in the home she loved and gifts made to the Fund ensure that future Noble residents could enjoy the same opportunities for independence, security, comfort and care that she so cherished.

The content of this website is general information and is not intended to be - or take the place of legal or financial advice. Noble Horizons strongly urges you to consult your own legal and financial professionals before making a gift. Thank you.

Church Homes, Inc., Congregational is a tax-exempt 501(c)3
Noble’s federal tax identification number if 06-0763898.

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