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Riga Residence & Wagner Terrace

Caring attention, 24 hours a day

Riga Residence and Wagner Terrace
the benefits of a private home with none of the worries

Noble CARE

When only the BEST will do

Noble's Skilled Nursing care is ideal for individuals looking for specialized treatment expertise and top-quality skilled care. Our expert team of nurses, therapists, and medical specialists help you find greater physical and emotional wellness.

Our services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain management, and much more, combined with all the amenities needed to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Noble is well equipped to address medical concerns quickly. Physicians, Dr. Oh and Dr. Kurish, are each on campus twice a week, and our nurse practitioner is on campus weekly. Additionally, Noble's proximity to emergency care makes a difference when time is of the essence. Sharon Hospital, a modern, acute-care hospital, is just eight miles away. The Salisbury Volunteer Ambulance Service, based a half-mile from Noble's front door, is staffed by highly trained emergency medical technicians with access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Above average patient to staff ratios

State of the Art Recreation Program

Low Re-hospitalization rates

Hospice and Palliative Care

Wound Care Specialists

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists

Nursing Department Mission Statement

The Noble Horizons Nursing Department is committed to delivering the highest level of individualized resident care possible, in which the total physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of the resident are recognized and met. 

What Noble Residents and Family Have to Say...

Lana Knutson has been incredibly helpful keeping Mom and I connected as well as engaged with the Noble community. Her birthday was an especially wonderful event thanks to Lana's thoughtfulness and willingness to help

Norma Baker has made a huge difference in our family's life with the loving attention she gives our mom.  She can be counted on when we need help behind-the-scenes which, during these quarantined times, is a huge comfort given our inability to be there ourselves. She's an angel.  So well done, Norma and well done, Noble Horizons for the high bar you've set with all of the staff.

-Patty Sullivan

You guys are wonderful with your kind and gorgeous place!! Love knowing my gramma is happy and safe. Thank you for everything you do. Big thanks to the staff, nurses, and everyone who makes it all happen.

-Chasity Hotaling Fuggetta

Thanks again for providing a warm, safe and comfortable home for my mom. Every time we visited her there we were impressed with the level of professionalism and compassion shown by every staff member at Noble Horizons. You do a great job and it's very much appreciated.


-Cynthia Gardella

It reminded me of staying in a hotel; very comfortable, rooms bright and cheery.  The team was great; patient, thoughtful and caring; very helpful, too.  

-Betty K.

Everyone was very good to me!  My room was homey, unlike a hospital.  I was very comfortable. The meals and the care were excellent.  I was treated very well by everyone.  I highly recommend being under your care. They were very good at coming to my room and checking up on and visiting me.  You have wonderful, caring nurses.  Keep up the good work.  

-Patricia C.

Also the entire nursing staff on Wagner made my enforced stay there last spring and early summer bearable. (As did the Rehab staff — not actual employees of Noble I know — who helped me walk and get stronger.)

Skilled Nursing Care at Riga RESIDENCE

Caring attention - 24 hours a day

Nobles' Riga Residence offers 24-hour nursing care from a professional nursing team working closely with our medical director. Members of the Riga Residence enjoy lots of individual attention and participate in a wide variety of activities including daily exercise programs, gardening, cooking, art classes, games, trips, many held in the Wickman Room, a large and bright common room overlooking flower and vegetable gardens.

Our spacious private rooms with half-bath are carpeted and have large windows overlooking lawns and gardens.

Senior Living - Nursing Care
Senior Living - Skilled Nursing Wagner Terrace

Intermediate Care at Wagner TERRACE

Semi-Independent Living in Style

Those who can live somewhat independently but may need assistance with mobility, medications, or personal care, find that accommodations in Wagner Terrace meet their needs perfectly.

Wagner Terrace offers spacious private rooms with half bath and views of a courtyard garden or our landscaped grounds. Meals are served in the elegant Riga Dining Room offering water views and glorious vistas of the Berkshire mountains.  A full roster of activities organized by the recreation staff is available, including trips to restaurants or points of interest in our handicapped-accessible buses.


Exceptional care in a welcoming environment

  • Rehabilitation, with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and fitness center

  • 24-hour nursing care working closely with patient's personal physician

  • IV services

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Wound Care – Wound VACS – Certified Wound Nurse

  • Pain Management




  • Continence Evaluation and Treatment – monthly clinic with APRN Specialist

  • Bladder Scanning

  • Enteral Nutrition

  • Mental Health Services

  • Medicare-eligible stays

  • Medicare Certified

  • Respite stays




Want More Information About Skilled Nursing Care?

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It Takes A Special TEAM

Residents and Patients First

What can I say about our health care staff beyond they are second to none.  I know many nursing facilities say that, but at Noble Horizons we hear it over and over again from our residents and patients "Your staff made all the difference".

I like to think we treat each and every one of our Noble residents like family and we take their care personally - so our staff goes above and beyond to ensure the quality of care and the quality of life exceeds expectations.

It shows in our statistics, with re-hospitalization rates close to non-existent and above average staffing ratios, Noble Horizons puts our residents and patients first.

The Ambience

Each room is a mini hotel suite -with comfortable surroundings and large picture windows overlooking our beautiful grounds.  The healing process at Noble is holistic - we work on not only the body, but the mind and the soul.

Regardless of why you may need skilled nursing or our outpatient services, from post operative care and rehab to wound rehabilitation to long-term palliative and hospice care, our health care staff will welcome you with open arms.

Autumn Cockcroft


Gina Butts, RN - Nursing Supervisor
Gina Butts, RN - Nursing Supervisor
Jessica Boardman, R.N.
Jessica Boardman, R.N.
Loving their job and giving 110% every day

During a recent staff meeting, the leadership team decided to share stories about our co-workers and life during the past 6 months here at Noble. No surprise, our Nurses were the favorite subject!

Our Noble NURSES

My thoughts to you, the Nurses of Noble:

The COVID-19 pandemic has only magnified my awe and gratitude for the sacrifices made by nurses at Noble Horizons. Thanks to your singular dedication, boundless compassion, and exceptional skills, during one of the most dangerous times of our lives, you have kept every member of the Noble community safe while putting your own health on the line every single day.

Noble residents and their families trust you, they seek and receive comfort from you; residents flourish amidst your kindness, warmth, humor. You are there for them at the most vulnerable time of their lives, bearing the unfathomable responsibility of holding their lives in your hands.  Whether offering encouraging words of support or highly skilled care, you steward their well-being with equal doses of expertise and thoughtfulness.  Did you know that Americans have voted nurses the most honest, ethical professionals in the country for 18 consecutive years?   No surprise to me, nor should it be for anyone else.

Time and again, members of your Department reference the collaborative teamwork and mutual support they can count on from each other, “My coworkers are so dedicated and committed and the network of support between nurses and families is nothing short of amazing,” offered one.  Another added, “If I have a problem and no solution, I can call on my coworkers. I ask them, ‘What can we do?’ and with us all working together we come up with a response.”

Despite the intensifying complexities of providing health care during the COVID-19 pandemic, your unequivocal commitment and deep empathy have only amplified my profound appreciation and respect for your selfless work.  Thank you for your wide-open hearts and your devotion to providing comfort, compassion, and care 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

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