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Colorful foliage is popping up across campus, and we are enjoying from our dining room the increasingly bright hues splashing across the Berkshire hills.  Regular leaf-peeping trips are scheduled throughout October along with ice cream trips to Fudgey's which remain very popular (please see photo below)!

On September 29, we recognized World Heart Day and this life-giving organ that beats up to 144,000 times a day for each of us.  It was especially pleasing to discover that the Cleveland Clinic recommends chocolate as a heart-healthy food (with caveats, of course!).

We have added new community programs and if you missed Hamish Lutris' outstanding Middle East presentation, you may view it here.  As the weather cools, do consider joining the free Balance and Fall Prevention class at 10:30 am each Wednesday on Zoom; according to the National Council on Aging, an older adult is treated in the ER every 11 seconds for a fall-related injury and sustains a fatal fall every 19 minutes. Take charge and enjoy this long-running, very popular class.

We wish you a beautiful autumn! Please feel free to email new program suggestions or newsletter stories; we love hearing from you!


One of the Most Astonishing Feats in the Animal Kingdom


The miracle of migratory birds embodies some of the most impressive feats in the animal kingdom. Twice a year, they undertake journeys of hundreds, even thousands of miles, often at night with no landmarks to guide them over oceans and continents. After an exultant arrival spring migration just six months ago, the declining availability of food sources, waning daylight hours to find food, and colder weather force a return trip south.

On October 8 at 7 pm, Audubon naturalist Bethany Sheffer returns to explain how birds navigate and prepare their bodies for these arduous and often dangerous migratory journeys, and how you can make your yard a safer and more welcoming stop-over site for them.  Bethany will focus her discussion specifically on species that breed in NW CT, detailing their migratory routes, needs in wintering grounds, how to identify their confusing fall plumage, and recommendations to reduce hazards to migrating birds.  More info and registration here.

Do You Have a Plan?

Get Your Affairs in Order

On October 26 at 7 pm, Salisbury Bank Trust Officer, Kimberly Downey and attorney and former probate judge Charles Vail will help you get your affairs in order! They'll review the essential legal and financial documents, how to prepare and organize them, where you can turn for help, and other fundamental steps needed to safeguard your future.

You'll learn via Zoom how to:

-Identify essential financial, personal,   and legal documents

-Gather info for these vital documents

-Prepare the Documents

-Organize and periodically review the

documents and more...

Could You Save Money this Year?

Medicare Presentation ad format

Avoid the stress of the Medicare annual enrollment period (October 15-December 7) with unbiased professionals who can help you select the very best 2022 plan for you. Navigating the alphabet soup of Medicare can be bewildering and the Western CT Area Agency on Aging has nothing to sell but plenty of important information to guide you toward the plan best suited for you!

Plans change from year to year and by presenting on Zoom, these pros can offer your support in the comfort of your home. Please register for a Zoom link and consider signing up for our November 4 private enrollment sessions by emailing or calling 860-435-9851, ext. 190.


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