Preventing Falls for Seniors and Recognizing the Need for Assisted Living

September is here, bringing with it the beautiful autumn leaves and the ever-important Fall Prevention Month—a timely reminder to evaluate the safety of our homes, especially for our beloved seniors. As seniors age, the risk of falls and their related injuries becomes a significant concern. Fortunately, with some preventative measures, the risk can be significantly reduced. Moreover, understanding the signs that a senior loved one might be safer in a community like Noble Horizons can make all the difference.

Preventing Falls at Home

The majority, 55 percent, of fall injuries among older people occur inside the home and an additional 23 percent happen outside, but near the house.

Home Safety Check: Walk through the home, assessing potential hazards. Look for clutter, loose rugs, or poor lighting that might pose a tripping hazard.

Install Grab Bars and Railings: Areas like the bathroom, with its slippery floors, are especially risky. Installing grab bars near the toilet and in the shower can be immensely helpful. Similarly, ensuring that staircases both inside and outside the home have sturdy railings is crucial.

Non-Slip Mats: Place these mats in the bathroom, kitchen, and other slippery areas to prevent accidents.

Regular Eye Check-ups: Poor vision can contribute to falls. Make sure that your loved ones have regular eye check-ups and updated prescriptions for their glasses. Don’t forget cataract checks!

Physical Activity: Engaging in exercises that improve strength, balance, and flexibility can reduce the risk of falls. Consider activities like tai chi, yoga, or simple resistance exercises. Noble Horizons offers regular classes at no charge for our residents and our community – check them out HERE. We especially love our Wednesday Balance Classes!

Medication Review: Some medications have side effects that can affect balance or cause dizziness. Regularly review medications with a doctor and pharmacist to ensure they’re not increasing the risk of falls.

Wear Proper Footwear: Encourage wearing non-slip, well-fitting shoes. Avoid walking in socks or slippers with no grip.

Recognizing When Moving to a Senior Living Community like Noble Horizons Might Be Necessary

While making home adaptations can prevent many falls, it's crucial to recognize when living at home might no longer be the safest option for a senior. Here are some signs that may indicate it's time to consider a senior living community like Noble Horizons:

Frequent Falls: If falls become frequent, even with preventative measures in place, it might indicate deeper issues with balance, health, or medication.

Declining Physical Health: Chronic illnesses, significant weight loss, or mobility challenges can make home living risky.

Isolation: Loneliness can have detrimental effects on mental and physical health. If a senior is isolated at home with minimal social interactions, a community setting can be beneficial.

Difficulty Managing Daily Tasks: Struggling with daily chores, forgetting to take medications, or neglecting personal hygiene are tell-tale signs that additional support is needed.

Signs of Cognitive Decline: Forgetfulness, confusion, getting lost in familiar places, or difficulty following conversations can be early signs of dementia or other cognitive impairments. A controlled and supportive environment can ensure they’re safe and well cared for. 

Home Safety Concerns: Beyond falls, if there are concerns about leaving the stove on, forgetting to lock doors, or misusing appliances, it might be time to consider a safer living environment.

Noble Horizons: A Haven for Senior Safety and Community

Communities like Noble Horizons are designed with senior safety in mind. With trained staff, equipped facilities, and a community of peers, they provide an environment where seniors can thrive without the everyday risks they might face living at home. Plus, the social aspect—a community of peers, regular activities, and communal meals—ensures that they have a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle.

Ultimately, the safety and well-being of our senior loved ones are paramount. Whether it's making adaptations to their home or recognizing when it's time for a change, being proactive can ensure they have a golden age filled with joy, safety, and community. Celebrate this Fall Prevention Month by taking active steps towards their safety.


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