Hamish Lutris, Slavery in Canaan, A New Van, Employee Appreciation

The glorious spring weather, coupled with steadily improving COVID news, has felt transformative! The buoyant sense of expectancy has been furthered fueled by the arrival of our new van which many of you made possible, Noble's festive celebration of Employee Appreciation Day, the thoughtful delivery from generous community friends of home cooked meals to cottagers, and under DPH's guidance, the welcome expansion of indoor activities and gradual reopening of the campus.

Big plans are afoot for St. Patrick's Day which we will festively celebrate in the dining room which has been closed for a year!  Residents have been making decorations, the carpets have been cleaned, Bailey's is on order for Irish coffees and a special surprise is in the works from the Noble team to the residents.

We are grateful for the efficient roll out of the vaccination in CT and hope that wherever you are, the vaccination has arrived or will soon be available to you.  As always, please take very good care!

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Hamish Lutris: The Vietnam Era


Hamish Lutris has invited readers of this newsletter to register for his Milford Library series examining the Vietnam Era. As always, Lutris' encyclopedic knowledge ensures a compelling and deeply researched program.  You may register here for the presentations which begin at 7 pm on the following dates:

March 23: You Have a Row of Dominoes Set Up – The Vietnam War
April 13: They’re Here to Preserve Disorder – The Vietnam War at Home and the war's impact on our society
May 11: Breaking into the Home of Every Citizen –  Watergate

Employee Appreciation Day

Gratitude was the theme of Noble's Employee Appreciation Day during which team members were honored for their dedication and success at keeping Noble residents COVID-free.  Even better than the delicious lunch and countless gift baskets were the heartfelt notes from residents and families, a few of which you can enjoy here:

"My brother has been in the care of the fine people at Noble Horizons for well over 3 years...I give the entire body of people a resounding----A plus!"

"Mom's CNAs go way out of their way to gift Mom with kindness, security, and joy.  I couldn't ask for better care or more loving hearts for Mom and I am so grateful."

"The employees of Noble make it the magical place it is.  All of the staff really care about us and the caring shows. We feel very lucky to live here."

"Having lived at Noble Horizons for ten years, I have experienced an extraordinary outpouring of help and support from all segments of the Noble Horizons staff."

The Life and Times of James Mars: A CT Slave's Story

Please join us on April 1 at 7:15 pm to hear the remarkable story of Canaan slave, James Mars.  Born into slavery in 1790, he was owned by  Canaan's Congregational Minister Reverend Thompson. James' family’s escape but was remanded in Norfolk, CT, in a deal negotiated between Norfolk’s Congregational Minister and the Reverend Thompson to re-enslave nine-year-old James and his brother in return for their parents’ manumission. James later wrote a memoir, first published in the mid-1800s, that stands as one of the most important accounts of life for the enslaved in New England.

Salisbury history teacher Rhonan Mokriski and his students will reveal James' story and those of other Black American CT slaves that have been long been hidden from history.  As Mokriski explained, “We believe that efforts like this will help refute the impression that American history is inherently white.” In fact, thanks to their work, May 1 has been proclaimed...more

The new van that your gifts made possible! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


Mark Your Calendar

Please register for Zoom linksand ask a friend or family member to join you!

Noble Horizons weekly balance class, Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30 am

Therapeutic Movement Classes, Suzanne Mazzarelli, Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 am

Chair Yoga, Eleanor Miller of Yoga at Space, Fridays, 11 am-noon

Upcoming Programs

Read Reaganland with Hotchkiss Instructor Keith Moon, Begins March 19, 1-2 pm

The Life and Times of James Mars: A CT Slave's Story, with Salisbury School's Rhonan Mokriski and students, April 1, 7:15 pm

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