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Covid Update, Hotchkiss Class, Mary Ellen Baldwin…

On November 11 we hosted a Veterans Day ceremony and lunch honoring the service and sacrifice of Noble Horizons Veterans.  Pictured above is Nick Nickerson, a World War II veteran who served in Italy with the 10th Mountain Division. 16 million Americans served in WWII and Nick is one of just 240,000 WWII veterans still with us. Please click here for additional photos.

The Thanksgiving season is upon us, reminding us of our blessings, chief of which at Noble Horizons is our dedicated team members who since March 2020 have kept Covid out and every resident in our care safe. Guided by thoughtful, proactive leadership and rigorously enforced Covid protocols, they are united and proud that Noble residents remain Covid-free. Their sacrifices during this long and unprecedented pandemic have humbled and inspired us.

Should you wish to learn more about Noble's management of Covid, our upcoming holiday programs, and 2022 50th-Anniversary plans, please join Administrator Bill Pond this Friday, 11/19 at 7:20 am (EST) for an interview on WHDD, our area's local NPR station.

We wish you a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!


Blazing Trails

Bucket lists have a way of growing throughout a lifetime as do the challenges of actually fulfilling those dreams.  Noble Horizons cottager and bicyclist, Noble Richards, had long thought about biking Missouri's Katy Trail, the nation's longest rail trail but as his 90th birthday approached, it remained an unrealized goal.  Recognizing this, Noble's three sons made plans for him to celebrate his 90th birthday by biking 188 miles of the renowned trail.  “This was a special celebration for our father,” said his oldest son, Tim, who lives in Washington, D.C. “He’s always loved biking and this made us feel good to do it for him. We’re so glad we could make it work.”  Read more about Noble's 90th birthday adventure here!

Noble Richards

Guess Who!

Generations of Noble Horizons residents, their families, and legions of local community members have been captivated by Mary Ellen Baldwin's infectious cheer and energy.  For over 40 years, that irrepressible vivacity fueled life in Whitridge, Noble's memory care area. “It’s my favorite place because you could always learn from the residents.  It was a joy to be with them." Her charismatic energy and nurturing care have touched countless lives and despite her retirement, this mother of 5 continues to contribute to life at Noble.  Read more about Mary Ellen and her enduring affection for a community that has been a part of her family for three generations.

Mary Ellen

Chinese Philosophy with Hotchkiss' Emma Wynn

The rising dominance of China can be traced to centuries-old philosophical traditions that continue to influence the modern Chinese character and behavior as well as its government, science, arts, and social structure. Confucianism, in particular, is undergoing a resurgence under President Xi Jinping, who frequently cites Confucius in his broad effort to remake the Communist Party.

Join Hotchkiss School instructor, Dartmouth College and Harvard Divinity School graduate Emma Wynn for a course beginning November 29 from 2-3 pm in which she will introduce the pillars of Chinese Philosophy.  Subsequent classes will explore conceptions of human nature, the good life, political philosophy, and ethics from throughout Chinese history.  Registration and more information.

Chinese Philosophy

Stay Fit for Free this Winter!

Now that the days are colder and shorter, finding ways to stay fit can be more difficult.  Don't worry!  Join Noble Horizons' free weekly balance, exercise, and yoga classes. 

Balance and Fall Prevention classes: Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30 am

Suzanne Mazarelli's free therapeutic movement and breath classes: Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 am

Eleanor Miller's free chair yoga classes: Fridays, 11 am-noon.


Next Week!

Don’t miss the Auxiliary's upcoming holiday events!  Make plans to visit and bid on the mini Festival of Trees Silent Auction of Christmas creations created by five of the most acclaimed exhibit contributors over the years, purchase tickets for the Christmas Holiday Basket Raffle packed with gifts and certificates donated by the Biltmore Estates in North Carolina, SWSA, and other local businesses, and decorate the Giving Tree which displays ornaments representing anonymous contributions to provide hair cuts, shampoos, etc. for Noble residents with limited resources.  Please click for more details.


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