Coming full circle at Noble Horizons

“My mother was very involved in the Salisbury/Lakeville community – she was friends with Tom & Fran Wagner who were the driving force behind the beginnings of Noble Horizons and a successful real estate agent.  Looking back it doesn’t surprise me that she was the one chosen to handle the transaction for the sale,” says Sarah.  “I moved back to Connecticut in 1973 and eventually came home to Lakeville taking over the family real estate business.”

Noble Horizons has always been a part of our family.  My mother lived in skilled nursing for 5 years and my Aunt Grace (Pictured in photo to the right)  lived in The Cobble until she was 101 and a half! It was always assumed I would make Noble home when it was the right time.”

Sarah was on the Cottage wait list for over a decade– in fact she was #1 on the list for several years! Her home in Lakeville didn’t have a first-floor bedroom and when going up and down stairs became difficult, she knew it was time to contact Linda Castaldi in admissions to begin the process of securing her forever home.

Before moving to Noble, Sarah spent a lot of time on the campus enjoying Noble’s programs especially those put on by the Taconic Learning Center where she also served as the organization’s secretary.

“The community at Noble is unique and vibrant – from learning programs such as those put on by TLC and book clubs, to Bridge nights with friends, shopping excursions and more,” noted Sarah.  “Now that we are opening up post COVID – I’m looking forward to really experiencing Noble Living! It’s so nice to see people interacting, walking around and dining together.  I love seeing groups coming back to campus and I’m looking forward to summer concerts and other events that are planned.”

Sarah said it’s funny to look back.  She remembers thinking that Noble was going to be a place for “old people”, and yet it’s a place for enjoying your life to the fullest.  She was blessed to share that with her mother and aunt, and now for herself.

“It’s a huge weight off my shoulders – making the move to Noble Horizons.  Everything I need is here, and I’m still able to be a part of the community that I grew up in and that I love so much.”


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