Holiday Extravaganza from Local Volunteers, A True Super Hero, Exciting Wi-Fi News

Christmas came early to Noble Horizons thanks to wellness team members Norma Baker and Jennifer Segelken! These two elves organized a spectacular holiday lights parade with volunteers from the Lakeville Hose Company, Millerton Fire Company, and the Falls Village Fire Department; residents marveled at the extravaganza of fire engines decorated with thousands of colorful, dazzling lights roaring through campus. It was a magical evening, encapsulating the wonder and enchantment of the holiday season.

Noble residents and staff were treated to another early Christmas present with the installation of a new wi-fi network.  As the pandemic drove a surge in wi-fi usage, the old network failed to keep pace, and connecting to the network became increasingly difficult. Made possible in part with a generous gift from the Noble Horizons Auxiliary, residents and staff are now enjoying wide access to a flawless wi-fi network.   We are indebted to the Auxiliary and thrilled to be fully connected once again!

If you were unable to join Sharon Hospital president Mark Hirko's fascinating presentation last week, please take a moment to tune in here.  He dispelled many misconceptions, gamely answered tough questions, and even got a little marketing advice from his listeners!  Please stay well and stay safe!


Mark Your Calendar for January 6 at 7 PM

Dr. Mark Oppenheimer's new book, Squirrel Hill: The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting and the Soul of a Neighborhood has been critically acclaimed by The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Chicago Tribune, and you can hear him speak on January 6 at 7 pm.  Oppenheimer, a native of Squirrel Hill, is a renowned journalist, Yale professor, and podcaster.  His book examines the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in American history as well as the kaleidoscopic of grief, love, support, and revival that helped a devastated community heal.

Oppenheimer has taught at Stanford, Wellesley, and Yale, where since 2006 he has directed the Yale Journalism Initiative.  He is a widely published journalist who wrote The New York Times weekly Beliefs column for several years, is the author of numerous books, and is the founder of the world’s leading Jewish podcast, “Unorthodox.” More info and registration.

A True Superhero!

Unlike Clark Kent who needs a phone booth for his superhero transformation, Noble Horizons nurse Jessica Boardman manages that feat on her own!  By day (or night, depending on her shift!), Jessica is the superhero Nursing Supervisor on Riga and Whitridge but in another life, she dons a superhero costume to accomplish feats similar to Superman's leap over tall buildings.

Jessica, you see, competes in Spartan races, which according to its official website,  "do more than test you physically and mentally. They reveal your true, unbreakable potential one epic obstacle at a time." Jessica is quick to note that superhero nurses draw on the same resolve and commitment as Spartan competitors, adding “My residents at Noble look to me as a source of strength, they need me and know that I’ll do whatever it takes to provide them with the best care possible because I don’t want to let them down.”

Jessica's most recent 2-hour competition began with a 5-K run, followed by spear throwing, a mad scramble up bleachers, swinging from rings and monkey bars, and a host of other activities that most of us would describe as torture. Read more...

Ring in the New Year with Health and Laughter!

Did you know that laughter releases endorphins and can lower blood pressure, improve mood, boost immunity, and reduce stress?  Spend an evening laughing until you cry with author Tom Morrison who will take you through the zany exploits of two brothers who are lawyers willing to stop at nothing to achieve their dreams of publicity, fame, fun, and money!

As Morrison recently told The New York Post, "People love jokes about lawyers", and his newest book,Please Pass the Tort$ is full of them!  In fact, The Post reports that the shenanigans of his fictional tort attorneys, Pap and Pup, have roots in actual cases. “I got the idea for a lot of the class action cases from articles I read in the New York Post,” Morrison revealed.

While we won't promise that an hour with Morrison on January 12 at 7 pm will cure all your ailments, we do guarantee lots of laughter and fun! Co-sponsored with Scoville Library; more info and Zoom link

Make Time for Yourself During the Holidays

As you find ways to honor the season of giving by reaching out to others, be sure to find time to be good to yourself.  Exercise is free and easy with Suzanne Mazzarelli's Thursday 10:30 am Therapeutic Movement and Breathing class (info here) and Noble's free weekly chair yoga class on Fridays at 11 am.  As you may know, exercise releases endorphins, often referred to as “feel-good hormones”, which act to increase feelings of pleasure and well-being.  What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!


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