Please Pass the Torts

Video replay: Author Tom Morrison discusses his latest book “Pass the Tort$”

Enjoy the video replay or "Please Pass the Tort$" - a lively conversation with author and attorney Thomas Morrison moderated by Bill Littauer.

View the Replay HERE

About the Book

Patrick A. Peters (“Pap”) and Prescott U. Peters (“Pup”), the intrepid tort lawyers whose zany exploits delighted readers of Torts R Us, return with another round of legal shenanigans guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry.

Their latest antics include a lawsuit against the Russian government for entrapping a well-known Congressman in a honey trap, attempting to liberate all the chimpanzees in the Bronx Zoo, and representing the unforgettable Lydia Lowlace in lawsuits against unscrupulous strip club owners and video game makers who have taken advantage of her sudden fame. The brothers even concoct a plan to revitalize Connecticut’s three poorest cities by turning them into a mecca for nationwide tort lawsuits. Settle into your favorite chair to make sure you don’t fall on the floor laughing at the latest exploits of these lovable lawyers who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of publicity, fame, fun and money.

About Tom Morrison

A graduate of Otterbein University (Ohio) and New York University Law School, T. C. Morrison spent his 50-year legal career writing briefs and trying cases around the country for a series of New York City law firms. You can read a recent article from the New York Post about Tom Morrison and his books: CLICK HERE.

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