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The Benefits of Volunteering as you Age 

We all know that volunteering benefits others, but did you know that volunteering has a personal advantage as well?  By helping others, we also help ourselves! 


  1. Addresses loneliness and isolation.  Social isolation and loneliness can contribute to a decline in health, especially among older adults.  Volunteering not only gives people purpose, a crucial contributor to fulfillment and happiness but it offers opportunities for interaction with other individuals   
  2. Boost for Mental Health. Keeping the brain active is extremely important as we age.  Interacting with others boosts our mental capacities – improving cognition and brain health.  The National Institute of Health notes, “People who engage in personally meaningful and productive activities with others tend to live longer, boost their mood, and have a sense of purpose. Studies show that these activities seem to help maintain their well-being and may improve their cognitive function.” 
  3. Learning new skills and having fun.  Volunteering often involves the acquisition of new skills, sometimes requiring special training to learn new clerical skills, gardening knowledge, or pet sitting routines and the like.  Keeping your brain sharp while having fun with other volunteers enhances your quality of life! 
  4. Expand your Social Circle. New members of the Noble Horizons community marvel at the circle of friends they discover.   As we age, our circle tends to shrink, and volunteering offers opportunities to meet new friends, expand our network and enjoy happier,  socially active lives. 
  5. Purpose. As we age and our children move away, we retire and perhaps lose a partner or spouse – our sense of purpose seems to fade. Volunteering gives seniors a reason for living, a positive “thing to do”, and a responsibility to others – regaining their purpose for being and living life to the fullest. 
  6. Connecting with Younger Generations.   Whether it’s reading to school children, helping out at a day care or spending time at a hospital NICU – older adults who connect with younger generations receive as much as they give. Older adults can also pass on years of wisdom and insight to school-age children, again reinforcing a sense of purpose.  

 Since its founding in 1972, volunteering has been a way of life at Noble Horizons. Volunteers are a vital part of daily life, enriching the Noble community with their unique skills, talents and friendship. The power of giving is profound, and we are grateful for the gift of volunteers. 

 To learn more about volunteering at Noble Horizons visit our website or call 860-435-9851  



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  1. I loved that you mentioned that older adults can volunteer with the younger generation. I’ve been trying to find a way for me and my granddaughter to connect more, and I think that volunteering would be great. I would love to find a place where we can both volunteer together.

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