Ready to Advocate with honesty and compassion – Danielle Mastrocola

After 15+ years in a business-driven fast-paced environment, Danielle Mastrocola was looking for a change. When the opportunity arose to join the Noble Horizons’ Social Work team she quickly said “Yes!”.

“I really wanted to be in a smaller scaled environment, where I could spend more time and be more involved with residents and family – it’s more relatable,” shared Danielle.  “When I came to the gorgeous campus and met the people here – I was sold.”

Danielle comes to Noble with over 22 years of experience in Skilled Nursing. She started her career as a CNA during school where she studied health care administration. When she realized that wasn’t for her – she chose the path of Social Work.

In her role at Noble, Danielle is an advocate for the residents – a liaison between the families, the health care providers both on campus and off, and the residents.  “I advocate for the residents, specifically in the Skilled Nursing Department, but I’m willing to help in any capacity that’s needed or that I can,” says Danielle.  Because she lives in the area, Danielle noted she is very familiar with the home care agencies in NW Connecticut and is quickly making connections with those in NY and MA. “Discharge planning is a big part of my job – working closely with the nursing staff to ensure it’s safe for the residents to leave.”

Danielle also enjoys working with the memory care residents at Whitridge and spending time in the dining room meeting residents and learning about their stories so in the end she can better care for them.   “When you work someplace for several years as I did in my last job – residents become family.  I’m hoping I can connect with the residents here at Noble in the same way.”

When asked about her long-term vision when it comes to her role at Noble Horizons, Danielle said “I’ll be here until I’m ready to retire – about another 20 or so years. I’m not a job hopper, I like to find a place that feels right and stay.  I just want to be available, compassionate, and helpful.”

“Everyone here at Noble is warm and welcoming and very helpful!  I asked a lot of questions when I first got here, and the rest of the team was wonderful.  I still must learn my way around – Noble is unique with all the different types of living and it’s a large campus.  Overall, I have zero complaints – it’s beautiful here.”


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  1. Welcome Miss Danielle I am pleased by your long term experiences in the social services area and wish you hearty success as our new Social Service Director. As you have already witnessed the staff here at Noble are delightful and caring folk at all levels of the administration. Best Gordy Johnson

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