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Loretta Murray: “Noble Horizons – It’s just a Wonderful Place to Work!”

Everyone seems to know Loretta Murray.  Born and raised in Torrington CT, with a passion for cooking and people, Loretta graduated from culinary school, and while searching for a job in the culinary industry, took a job at CVS in nearby Millerton NY.  

“It was my first big job out of school, I started in the front and then 23 years in the back as a Pharmacy Tech,” says Loretta. “I loved it, but over the years it became very stressful with fewer people to handle the workload, yet more customers.  I became less and less happy, and dreaded going to work, so I knew it was time to change careers.” 

Thankfully, for Noble Horizons, Loretta’s career change did not involve a return to the culinary world. “I came to Noble, and it was totally different. I was always stressed at my old job, here I’m not! It’s a different at Noble, I thoroughly enjoy it.  I come home after work and when my family asks how my day was, they get a happy reaction – no tears, just smiles!” 

Loretta knows a lot of people in the the tri-state region from her years at CVS and she noted she has only heard great things about Noble Horizons from the staff, the residents and the people who live and work in the area.  

“When I considered leaving my job and starting over, I did some deeper research into Noble Horizons and everyone I asked said “That’s a wonderful place to work” – which made my decision so easy!”  Loretta noted that it was odd leaving a career that had consumed much of her life, and that there was some anxiety about making such a huge move – but she knew it was the right time. 

When asked how it’s been since she joined the Noble team, Loretta said “Insanely wonderful! I love working with older people, this is my comfort level. I think by working at CVS, I got attached to the older generation – I just connected with them, so transitioning to Noble was so easy.” 

Loretta is quick to point out that the Noble team makes the difference – plain and simple.  “Everybody says “Hi,” they’re friendly and eager to help.  With everything going on, and everyone dealing with stress and downtimes, the staff still goes above and beyond to be nice. Everyone is happy, smiling – it’s so refreshing. I go home at the end of the day smiling too, knowing I’ve found my “home”.” 

Loretta feels blessed to work with the residents at Noble Horizons as a member of the Recreation Department.  “Doing group activities with the residents is so much fun, but even during Covid, I make sure to keep things moving.  I’ve read poetry to residents, will stop by Wagner to just say hello, we keep the floors decorated for the seasons – and I’m excited about Valentine’s Day, I’m sure we will really go above and beyond with the decorations!” 

Loretta noted many residents just love to have someone to talk to, play a game of trivia with, chat about their past.  “Some residents don’t have families, or family members can’t visit, so I’m happy to just be there for them, so they aren’t alone.” 

Loretta personifies what makes Noble Horizons such a special place to live and work – caring for people around you, and always taking the time to show you care. 

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