heroes behind masks

Heroes behind the masks – Noble Nurses

From nursing to dietary, maintenance to recreation, Noble team members count on and support one another.  Wishing to acknowledge this camaraderie and dedication, Administrator Bill Pond asked Department Heads to write testimonials to the dedication and teamwork that characterize Noble Horizons.  Through these essays, it is clear that because every Department is valued and works together, Noble is able to provide the best resident experience every day. Testimonials were anonymous. Pictured with this testimonial are members of our esteemed nursing staff.

During a recent staff meeting, the leadership team decided to share stories about our co-workers and life during the past 6 months here at Noble.  I immediately thought of our nursing staff.

My thoughts to you, the Nurses of Noble:

The COVID-19 pandemic has only magnified my awe and gratitude for the sacrifices made by nurses at Noble Horizons. Thanks to your singular dedication, boundless compassion, and exceptional skills, during one of the most dangerous times of our lives, you have kept every member of the Noble community safe while putting your own health on the line every single day.

Noble residents and their families trust you, they seek and receive comfort from you; residents flourish amidst your kindness, warmth, humor. You are there for them at the most vulnerable time of their lives, bearing the unfathomable responsibility of holding their lives in your hands.  Whether offering encouraging words of support or highly skilled care, you steward their well-being with equal doses of expertise and thoughtfulness.  Did you know that Americans have voted nurses the most honest, ethical professionals in the country for 18 consecutive years?   No surprise to me, nor should it be for anyone else.

Time and again, members of your Department reference the collaborative teamwork and mutual support they can count on from each other, “My coworkers are so dedicated and committed and the network of support between nurses and families is nothing short of amazing,” offered one.  Another added, “If I have a problem and no solution, I can call on my coworkers. I ask them, ‘What can we do?’ and with us all working together we come up with a response.”

Despite the intensifying complexities of providing health care during the COVID-19 pandemic, your unequivocal commitment and deep empathy have only amplified my profound appreciation and respect for your selfless work.  Thank you for your wide-open hearts and your devotion to providing comfort, compassion, and care 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

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