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The Miracle of Fall Migratory Birds

Discover the magic of fall bird migration on October 8 at 7 pm with Sharon Audubon Naturalist and Volunteer Coordinator, Bethany Sheffer. Join Bethany to learn the most current research on how birds find their way to their wintering grounds, how their bodies prepare to make these arduous (and oftentimes dangerous) migratory journeys, and how you can make your yard a safer and more welcoming stop-over site for them.

Bethany will focus specifically on species that breed in NW CT, detail their migratory routes, needs in wintering grounds, provide pointers that will help identify the often-confusing fall plumage and make recommendations to help reduce hazards to migrating birds.

Ms. Sheffer has been a leader in local and state Audubon chapters since 2013. She earned her Master’s in Public Administration in 2016 and has worked as an on-site naturalist and Education Outreach Coordinator with AmeriCorps.  She has done passerine/raptor surveying, is a certified Environmental Educator and Certified  Beekeeper.

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