Ari Satok: “Love Too Can Spread”

Capturing the strange and surreal times that the pandemic has brought with it, “Love Too Can Spread” tells the stories of how we filled our days when nothing was as it had been before. With poems about everything from grocery shopping to grief to Grandma’s never-ending challenges with Zoom, this collection brings together the serious and the light-hearted, meditating on the things that truly matter when so much else falls away.

About Ari Satok:
Ari Satok is the author of three books. He has given talks and led workshops all across the U.S. in a wide range of communities. He has spoken in front of audiences at numerous universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, at senior’s residences, and in front of a variety of different non-profit groups. He has also been an invited guest speaker internationally in countries as varied as France, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.
Ari is magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University. He teaches writing and storytelling in a variety of communities, and is deeply proud of the work he does aimed at empowering people to share their stories.
Learn more about Ari on his website HERE.
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