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Employee Spotlight – Julie Reed a Rehab Nurse Staple

As the nurse manager of Noble’s Short Term Rehab Department known as Wagner, Julie Reed helps help her patients recover from hospitalizations and return home.  After serving in the Medical Surgery Department at Sharon Hospital for 15-years, Julie has the ideal experience for Noble’s short-term inpatient rehab.  “I am very confident in my skills. I was dealing with complicated situations in the hospital and most of my patients were older so it was a natural and easy transition.”    

Julie began her nursing career as an LPN at 19 and took her first job at a senior living community in Livingston, NY.  Realizing that she had found her calling, she returned to school to earn her RN after which she began a long career at Sharon Hospital.  She joined the Noble Horizons team in 1998.   After 40 years of nursing she says with assurance, “It was a natural fit”

When asked what she has enjoyed about working at Noble for over 20-years, she explains, “Noble is a great place to work. We offer…good, safe nursing care, and provide a wide variety of treatment plans.”  Julie explains that a unique advantage of Noble’s short-term rehab is that it offers an expansive spectrum of care and services which allows people to leave the hospital sooner. This option has been particularly important throughout the pandemic during which Noble residents have remained Covid-free.  As one recent short term rehab resident wrote, “You have wonderful, caring nurses.  I was treated very well by everyone.  I would highly recommend being under your care!”

COVID has certainly presented its challenges but Julie is grateful that Noble’s protocols and policies have been so effective. “I’m very happy that all of our residents and staff are vaccinated, they are complying with the rules; it’s a team effort. I’m also thrilled that we’ve remained COVID free and I’m proud to tell people that. Other senior living communities have lost residents, and it’s very sad, so I feel fortunate to work at Noble.”

Helping people recuperate is very rewarding for Julie. “I enjoy helping people and making them feel better.  I like making people happy. They appreciate what you do for them and that’s what keeps me coming to work each day.”  She also enjoys being part of the Noble team, “I enjoy my peer group too – it’s special and it’s fun. We are very fortunate and grateful to be a part of this community – that’s the culture here. We are all very positive.”  She is careful to point out that the culture of appreciation extends to family members too.  “It means so much when families recognize the whole staff and send food, flowers or something special around the holidays.”

As we head into the season of giving thanks, Noble Horizons is grateful for nurses like Julie who give so freely and with such commitment.  While Julie pointed out that “We have some pretty special people at Noble,” we would add that we have some pretty special nurses, too.

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