Don’t Miss Hamish Lutris’ 9/30 Middle East Program and Audubon’s Fall Migratory Birds

Though fall officially arrives at 3:20 pm today, it is gratifying to look back on a rich and rewarding summer, the fruits of which we are still enjoying!  Pictured above is a resident harvesting seeds from the sunflowers she and others planted in April and on the left, last week's Mexican cooking lunch.  The festive meal celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month and included fresh herbs and tomatoes from the resident gardens.

The last week of summer was also marked by the Auxiliary's highly anticipated annual lobster luncheon, a cherished tradition for over a decade!  Every Noble community member relished savory fresh lobster and assorted fixings, including chilled wine and live music!

Along with fall comes new community programs, including today's book club with The Hotchkiss School's Carita Gardiner and two additional events featured below.  We wish you a healthy, colorful fall and look forward to welcoming you to an upcoming event (on Zoom) or exercise program soon.

Be sure to see pictures of the lobster luncheon, garden harvests, and other highlights on our website gallery, Instagram, or Facebook page.

The Middle East-A Forgotten Theater of the Great War

Hamish Middle East

Noble Horizons is thrilled to announce the return of historian Hamish Lutris on September 30 at 11 am.  Lutris will offer a timely Zoom presentation on the Middle East, known as the forgotten theater of the Great War despite the war's resonating impact on that region through the 20th and 21st centuries.

Long-simmering, very complex political and military dynamics in the Middle East include rival loyalties, clashing personalities, and antagonizing policies that have bedeviled western allies since the Great War. Lutris will examine the political and military actions and personalities as well as the prospects for an honorable extrication.  Please register here.

The Miracle of Northwest CT's Fall Migratory Birds

fall birds

Popular Audubon naturalist Bethany Sheffer returns on October 8 at 7 pm!  Following up on her captivating spring migration program, she now reveals the magic and miracle of fall migratory birds.  She'll share new research that explains how birds navigate thousands of miles to their wintering grounds, the changes their bodies undergo to make these arduous and often dangerous migratory journeys, and how you can make your yard a safer and more welcoming stop-over site for them.

Bethany will focus specifically on species that breed in NW CT, detailing their migratory routes, needs in wintering grounds, how to identify their confusing fall plumage and recommendations to reduce hazards to migrating birds.  More info and registration here.


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