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Angela Cain -“You Won’t find Greener Grass than at Noble” 

Angela Cain recently joined the Noble Nursing team, and we were fortunate to grab a few minutes of her time for a quick interview. 

As with all our nurses, we are curious about what drove them to the nursing field, a demanding profession that requires extremely hard work and an intense emotional commitment.   

 “I’ve always been interested in medicine – in fact, I thought about being a vet and even a doctor for a while,” said Angela.  “The tipping point for me, what made my decision to be a nurse, was being involved in my grandmother’s health care while she was going through some serious cardiac issues.” 

 Angela noted that it was when she spent a lot of time with her grandmother’s doctors – asking questions, and hungrily absorbing knowledge, that she discovered a true admiration and respect for the nursing profession. During that time, Angela was actually studying health care administration but decided to make the switch to nursing – and she never looked back. 

 “My nursing career has been quite exciting and varied," reflected Angela.  “My first nursing job in 1996 was in a hospital in Foley Alabama where I did my nursing school clinicals.  I worked in oncology and telemetry – it was a very progressive hospital so the technology was amazing and far ahead of most hospitals.  From there I became a charge nurse and eventually worked in the ICU.” 

 Angela ultimately became a travel nurse – which she loved.  It offered her and her daughter the opportunity to experience new places and meet so many new people. “I was in Rhode Island for 2 years working in a local hospital where the horrible nightclub fire happened.  I spent some time in the burn unit there – it was so humbling,” said Angela.  “It wasn’t only the pain of the burn victims but the pain for the health care providers – I spent a lot of time nurturing my fellow nurses and doctors – it was tough.” 

 Her travels brought her to Connecticut where she worked in Stamford and locally here in Sharon. She did a fair amount of time in ICUs and ultimately became a student mentor which she really loved.  “I loved working in teaching hospitals.  You spend time teaching both the doctors and the nurses – but they are also teaching you.  It was a great experience!” 

 Angela left CT for 2 years to spend time in PA working in a cardiac unit at one of the top hospitals where she learned a lot about the technology behind cardiac surgery and care.  She was drawn back to Connecticut when her daughter decided to go study pre-law at Yale for undergrad.   “I worked at Sharon hospital, was a school nurse for Hotchkiss and even spent time at Sharon Health Care – it was great being back in Connecticut and it’s where I needed to be.” 

Angela took a work hiatus for personal reasons including taking care of family and herself after a surgery.  “My daughter has an autoimmune disease that was diagnosed while she was at Yale. I needed to take some time to support and help her on her wellness journey. During that time my mom had surgery and then I did as well – it was time to slow down and take care of all of us. 

 “When it was time to come back – I noticed an opening at Noble.  I’ve always admired the campus and heard great things about the company and the staff, “ recalled Angela. “I’m so grateful I got the job! Most skilled nursing homes are NOT like Noble – here everyone is so friendly and cooperative – and the campus is beautiful, the buildings and rooms are clean and the food is amazing.” 

 Angela said “I’ve worked in a lot of places – all over the country.  Nurses tend to leave thinking the grass might be greener elsewhere. I can promise you – there is no grass that is greener than here at Noble Horizons – I love it here.” 

 When asked about the culture at Noble, Angela said “From dietary, to housekeeping to the CNAs and the rest of the nursing staff to Bill Pond and the leadership – everyone is so supportive and wonderful! We are incredibly organized here – so transitioning to the team didn’t take long. I also know I can always reach out to our Nursing Director Autumn if I need anything and she jumps right in to help.” 

 Lastly, Angela said – “I just want to do the BEST job – I want to make sure the residents are taken care of in a professional and respectful manner.“ Spoken like a true Noble veteran!   


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