Why Senior Living is Beneficial to Happy Aging

When thinking about aging, negative associations often follow – will I have trouble getting around, will I face health issues, will I be alone…That said, a positive attitude can transform the experience of aging.   Decades of research on ‘happy aging’ has confirmed that a positive outlook can improve one’s emotional and physical health throughout the aging process.

One avenue toward enhanced happiness is life in a senior living community where you are surrounded by opportunities for friendship, free activities and exercise, prepared meals, on-site libraries, free transportation, and unburdened by the responsibilities of cleaning, lawn work, shopping, etc.

There are several key benefits to living in a senior community that can actually boost happiness.

Friendships – Living alone coupled with health, mobility, and protentional driving challenges can have a serious impact on friendships and socialization opportunities as we grow older. However, senior living communities are designed to promote and foster social connections among those that call it home.

Living at home alone can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation which have been linked to poor health including depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and even a diminished immune response. Senior living communities provide plenty of places and opportunities for people to gather, to find friendships, and also offer a built-in peer support system.

Exercise – Staying active, even if it’s only simple movements, is an important factor in happy aging. Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel happy. Seniors who live alone are less likely to take a walk or attend a fitness class – and more likely to spend time sitting and watching TV for hours. Senior living communities often provide group fitness classes, wellness resources, and make it easier for seniors to move. Communities like Noble Horizons even offer a fitness center with a personal trainer, rehabilitation therapy, and incredible grounds and trails for walks around the property.

Improved Nutrition – What we eat becomes even more important as we age. Many older adults who live at home struggle with meal planning and eating healthy meals to properly fuel their bodies, mood swings, or reduced energy levels.

Senior living communities not only provide delicious, nutritious meals of your choice, but they remove the stress of daily meal prep. Dining becomes a social and sensory experience that can be enjoyed with friends on a regular basis.

More Help and Resources – Meeting health and wellness challenges can feel daunting at any age, but it can be especially overwhelming as you get older. Seniors who live at home can face additional struggles such as remembering and securing transportation to doctor appointments which may result in delayed medical care. Seniors living in communities where reminders, transportation, and follow up appointments are taken care of feel more empowered and experience less stress and worry. The health and wellness professionals in senior living communities like Noble make health and wellness easier to manage on a daily basis too, whether by providing assistance with daily tasks, answering questions, taking vitals, overseeing medication, or advocating on your behalf.

Happy Aging can be achieved by finding the right Senior Living Community for your needs.  Noble Horizons offers many living options that support you throughout your senior years, whether you’re seeking the independence of cottage living, apartment-style living with assistance, nursing assistance, or memory care.  Depending on a continuum of care ensures that your needs are met every step of the way. If you have any questions about Noble Horizons and living on our campus, please don’t hesitate to contact us and begin your life of Happy Aging!

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