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Understanding Your Best Friend with Phil Klein, the Dog Listener

Millions of people across the world have discovered that life is richer in the company of a dog.  A dog’s love is unequivocal, its loyalty unwavering and its joy contagious.

There is, however, another side to dog ownership, and that is the one that has brought us together to learn from Phil Klein, the Dog Listener. Understanding your dog and the forces that can help you build a mutually rewarding relationship can be challenging but Klein offers tools to help dog owners achieve that end.

Klein’s journey to becoming a Dog Listener began when his family rescued a special dog named Abby from Labs4Rescue.  Abby’s behavioral challenges inspired Klein to learn more about dogs and find a way to help Abby overcome her fears. 

In the process, Klein discovered Jan Fennell, whose revolutionary dog training methodology- based on a dog’s instincts-led to an internationally best-selling book, “The Dog Listener: Learning the Language of your Best Friend.”

In April 2009, Klein attended Jan Fennell’s Advanced Canine Communication courses and become a Certified Dog Listener.  Through in-home consultations, volunteer work with Labs4Rescue and other rescue organizations, and public talks, he has helped thousands of dog owners and their dogs.

In this presentation, Klein will help you think like your dog, ‘speak’ the language of canines and understand the four key drivers of canine behavior, including the surprising cause of common issues like anxieties, toileting indoors, excessive barking, aggression, jumping, pulling, destructive chewing, etc.  Please be sure to download the handouts which will help you incorporate the simple, dog-friendly changes Klein suggests in a kind, lasting way.  

Watch the presentation – CLICK HERE.

Download the handout – CLICK HERE.

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