Myths about Senior Living Communities Debunked

There is a tendency to judge groups of people as homogeneous rather a collection of individuals. Seniors, for example, consist of different demographics, pursue different goals, harbor different needs or concerns, and enjoy different hobbies and interests. These generalizations can extend to senior living communities which are as diverse as the people who call them home.

The team at Noble Horizons knows that every person is unique and distinct and each member of the Noble community will discover a wide array of options and opportunities to support their individuality and continued growth. Noble Horizons debunks the myths and prosaic stereotypes about senior living, allowing its community members to live life based on their preferences and goals.

Common Myths

There is no privacy

Seniors understandably worry that moving from their homes to a living community will deprive them of their privacy and alone time. Surprisingly, it is quite the opposite. Senior living communities offer you help and support when you need it, but also understand and respect your need for privacy. You have the independence and freedom you need, but the option for assistance is available at YOUR discretion.

It’s boring

There is no need to give up your hobbies or abandon your interests just because you live in a senior living community! The right community will not only allow you to continue your current hobbies but also offer you opportunities to learn some new things. In fact, the best senior living communities encourage residents to expand their horizons and challenge their mind and senses – from art, to book clubs, to health and wellness – it’s quite limitless!

It’s depressing

Depression is a serious concern for seniors. In fact, 40% of seniors report feeling lonely on a regular basis. The sad truth is – seniors who live alone are more likely to feel depressed. Senior living communities can be the solution. They can reduce loneliness because residents can take part in daily activities, special events, and develop close relationships with fellow seniors and staff in the community. Being part of a community with a built-in support network can mitigate, feelings of isolation, boredom, and loneliness that can plague seniors alone at home, especially during the COVID pandemic. The new community becomes family.

All senior living communities are the same

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Each community has its own values, cultures, and events/activities. Some communities, like Noble Horizons, offer amenities that include that can be enjoyed year-round. Its campus, for instance, offers a park-like 110-acres of natural and landscaped grounds that can be explored through the seasons. Other amenities include transportation, a fitness center, spa, salon, internet café, country store, free education and wellness programs and so much more. You can learn more about Noble’s amenities here. If you are a very social and active person, a senior living community that provides trips, outings, and programs that bring the surrounding community to campus would be a good fit. Others may want a community that focuses on health and fitness. The key is to find the senior living community that is best suited to your needs. Senior Living offers easy socialization, plenty to do, and regular celebrations of all life’s big and small events. By comparison, seniors who remain at home may experience loneliness or struggle to find meaningful ways to spend their time. So, it should come as no surprise that seniors are happier in senior living communities.

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