Employee Spotlight: Lynn Famiglietti – Putting Wellness First

Lynn Famigletti loves her job.  “I always want to do what I can to help everybody,” says Lynn and as the Wellness Coordinator, she is doing exactly that.  As the Wellness Coordinator, Lynn works with the cottagers and cobble residents, overseeing their health and wellness needs, and during the pandemic, providing a variety of services including meal and mail delivery, errands, transportation to medical appointments and even house calls!

Lynn’s nursing career began about 15 years ago because of her strong desire to help people. She launched her journey at Oliver Wolcott Technical High School in Torrington, where she enrolled in the CNA program and earned her certification during her senior year of school. She immediately made the decision to work in long term care, fueled by her close relationship with her great-grandmother who was a big part of Lynn’s life through her teen years.

Lynn is always driven to do more and after working 13 years as a CNA, during which time she also attended nursing school, she completed her degree and became a licensed nurse.  She was quickly hired at a local senior healthcare community but applied to Noble Horizons when a per diem position became available.   Her work ethic, skills and cheerful spirit impressed her colleagues and the residents for whom she cared.  What especially stood out was Lynn’s natural willingness to put the  safety, happiness, and needs of those in her care first.  When the Wellness position opened, it was the perfect fit.  

When asked why it is ideal the position, Lynn replies: “The people. Specifically the residents.” Lynn just loves being around and talking to seniors, hearing their stories and truly getting to know them. “Your job one is being the friend, the sounding board, the resource. But then there’s also the medical side of things. It can be challenging working with our independent residents because they have to make their own decisions.  I can only encourage them to do what I see is in their best interest to try.”

Lynn has enjoyed her transition to Noble Horizons, ““Everybody’s been great. They’ve reached out and been welcoming. Autumn (Cockcroft, the Associate Director of Nursing) was my go-to person. She was amazing from the second I got here. Everybody’s a team player. It’s just a completely different world at Noble.” Lynn has worked at several different nursing homes during her career and notes that Noble Horizons has a more “homey” feel than other senior living communities. 

 Lynn has also noted and welcomed the culture at Noble– people WANT to do their jobs, they WANT to be at Noble, and they are here because they LOVE to help others, something that has always come naturally to Lynn!

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