Departments and Department Heads

Inservice Calendar


Main phone number 860-435-9851 or direct dial 860-435-4537
followed by the extension. Contact any one of our staff by e-mail.

Eileen Mulligan Administrator EXT 120
Marge Wheaton Assistant to the Administrator EXT 133
Joanne Moore Director of Recreation and Volunteer Services EXT 154
Judy Sheridan Director of Admissions / Social Services EXT 141
Linda Castaldi Admissions Coordinator EXT 160
Jodi O'Brien, RN Wellness Coordinator EXT 132
Valerie Lattrell, RN Director of Nursing EXT 128
Molly Tanner, RN Associate Director of Nursing EXT 145
Geoffrey Klish Director of Environmental Services EXT 125
Lori Keilty Director of Dining Services EXT 155
Cathy Christofel Director of Education EXT 166
Laurie Frey Personnel Coordinator EXT 113
Caroline K. Burchfield Director of Community Relations EXT 190

Nursing Department
Whitridge Alyssa Carlson, RN EXT 123
Riga Vicky Fleming, RN EXT 150
Wagner Julie Reed, RN EXT 158 or 159