More Good News for Noble, Hotchkiss' Dr. Fisher Offers Class on Civil Disobedience

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Summer is in full swing and Noble is buzzing!  We are enjoying lunch outside, revivifying walks amidst the spectacular flowers blooming across campus, worship services in our sheltered courtyards, birdwatching around the ponds, barbeques, family visits and much more.  Spirits are particularly high following the Department of Public Health's (DPH) July 16 survey of Noblewhich was 'exceptional'...AND we are thrilled to report that not a single staff member has tested positive during the state's mandated employee COVID testing.  As of this writing, Noble is completely COVID-free!

Community members are once again taking advantage of Noble's 5-star short-term rehabilitation services and given DPH's stellar assessment of our protocols, it is especialy gratifying to welcome them back.  Before moving to Noble, each rehab guest must submit two negative COVID test results.  Should you wish to learn more, you may listen to Administrator Bill Pond's recent conversation with NPR affiliate WHDD's Marshall Miles.

Civil Disobedience: Is It Ever Okay to Break the Law?

On August 4 at 11 am, Hotchkiss School instructor Dr. Thomas Fisher will debut a six-session Zoom series on civil disobedience.

Fisher, who holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Brown University, a J.D. from Notre Dame Law School, and a B.A. in philosophy and sociology from St. John’s University, explains, “This is a course about breaking the law. The law is not always on the side of justice and when it is not, do we obey the law, or do we do something else? What sorts of disobedience may we engage in, and why? And if we do disobey the law, what do we owe those who obey it?” More information and registration.

Take It Easy!

If you are thinking about how you might find additional time to relax, feel pampered and enjoy life a little more, consider the Cobble with its hotel style accommodations and countless amenities and services.

Whether it's three chef prepared meals daily, housekeeping, one-on-one fitness training, 24/7 nursing access, free transportation or exquisite views of the Berkshire mountains, you can count on the peace of mind that comes with the comfort and security of life in a COVID-free, 5-star community.  You may contact Linda Castaldi to learn more.

Happiness is GOOD FOOD-Especially During COVID

A rewarding dining experience is as integral to a good life as the fresh, nutritious ingredients that make up each savory meal at Noble Horizons. Because Noble's dining room has been closed to meet COVID-19 safety protocols, Dietary Director Bridgett Sherman and her dedicated team have been working especially diligently to ensure  delightful dining opportunities for all.

They offer room service for all three daily meals, served on trays decorated with a fresh flower, courtesy of the Auxiliary. Department members wear masks and gloves throughout the day and don full PPE to clean dishes after the meals. Noble’s building layout allows the kitchen and dietary staff to minimize any chance of infection.

Daily delivery to cottage residents has increased the number of meals served, but it is with joy that the team meets the need. "It’s very rewarding to make them happy. It also feels good to get compliments on the food or the menu choices.”  Read more and see pictures.

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While COVID continues to be the backdrop this fall, the season's pageantry of spectacular foliage has provided a magnificent counterpoint to the pandemic.  Whether enjoying trails like the one pictured above or the mesmerizing views out every window, we are savoring the panoramic brilliance unfurling daily across the Noble campus.

We hope you are well and enjoying this spectacular fall.  The Noble campus is awash in neon yellow, crimson red and eye-popping orange and the views beyond are breathtaking.  Thanks to the warm, sunny weather, activities continue throughout campus, including outdoor family visits.  Indoor family visits are also taking place thanks to DPH policy changes.

As signs of fall emerge, we are happy to report that Noble Horizons remains 100% Covid-free.  Every team member has twice tested negative for the virus and all living at Noble continue to be healthy.  Like you, we had hoped that Covid challenges would not persist as they have but we are humbled by the sacrifices, commitment and hard work of so many who have kept Noble Horizons safe, vibrant and flourishing.

Salisbury temperatures will be dipping to 35 this weekend, a stark reminder that fall arrives on Tuesday. Fortunately, the days remain warm enough to enjoy weekly barbeques, outdoor family visits, golf cart rides, fishing, courtyard activities and bounteous harvests from the Noble gardens.  In fact, most of our barbeques feature vegetables and herbs picked just moments before they are served.

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