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Dear Caroline,

As the calendar inches deeper into spring, we continue to wonder when it will actually feel like spring! Waking up to snow on May 9 is odd, but these are unusual times! That said, there is good news from the northwest corner and that is that Noble Horizons remains COVID free. Molly Tanner, Director of Nursing and Infection Control explains, “From the moment I get into the building, my whole thought process is devoted to COVID and how to keep it out of Noble.”

Molly and Administrator Bill Pond cite proactive measures (two COVID screenings per shift), meticulous attention to detail (even fresh flowers are held 24 hours before delivery), constant vigilance (Noble personnel are stationed at Noble’s entrance), daily PPE assessment (our supply is robust), precise implementation of CDC protocols and scrupulous staff training, but are clear that the most important ingredient in Noble's success is the Noble team.

“Kudos to our staff. They’re well-educated and doing the right things by our residents.” Pond adds that Noble’s COVID strategy works because the entire Noble community embraces it and works together. He also points out that Noble has long been a leader in elder care and is building on its established standards of excellence. Such a firm foundation undergirds the intensive efforts essential to combating COVID. In fact, just this week, Noble Horizons was awarded its second consecutive 5-star rating from The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, a rare and coveted distinction.

Representative Maria Horn Recognizes Noble Horizons

Among the many heroes during this pandemic are the elected officials working around the clock to guide us through this crisis. We are especially grateful to State Representative Maria Horn whose regular communications have helped keep her constituents informed and safe. Noble Horizons was honored to be included in her most recent newsletter on May 8.

"I am still deeply indebted to the nurses and nurses’ assistants who cared for my mother with dignity and love at the end of her life, and I wanted to give a shout out to Noble Horizons, a senior care, rehabilitation and retirement community in Salisbury, for recently earning national recognition with a 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the second straight quarter. CMS utilizes three standards of care when calculating their star ratings: staffing, the quality of care, and data collected from health inspections. Noble Horizons excelled in all three categories, and, most importantly, in how much time their Registered Nurses dedicate to each resident on a daily basis.

Congratulations to all the staff there for this recognition."

Noble Honors Honors and Thanks Nurses

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified our collective gratitude for the sacrifices made by healthcare workers across our nation. During National Nurses Week, May 6-12, Noble Horizons salutes the courageous, dedicated nurses who every day put their lives at risk to care for others.

Whether offering encouraging words of support or highly skilled care, nurses expedite our healing with equal doses of expertise and kindness. Their deep, unequivocal commitment and empathy have earned the trust of Americans who have voted nurses the most honest, ethical professionals in the country for 18 consecutive years. The intensifying complexities of providing health care during the COVID-19 pandemic have only magnified our profound appreciation and respect for their selfless work.

On the occasion of National Nurses Week, Noble Horizons honors and thanks the nurses across our community who, with wide-open hearts, devote their lives to providing comfort, compassion, and care 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Throughout National Nurses Week, we have been profiling remarkable nurses who offer exceptional care and kindness every day and we invite you to meet them here.


While we are unable to host our usual Mother's Day campus celebration, we will be honoring the many devoted mothers at Noble with mimosas, delectable fresh danish, carnations and a full day of video chats to bring them just a little closer to their children. Don't miss what mothers throughout Noble cherish most about being a mother, a few examples of which are below.

"What I like most about being a mother is that my children taught me the meaning of true love, I loved them before I ever met them."

"It's been said that being a mother is not what you gave up to have a child but what you've gained from having one; my children have made me a better person."

Thank you mothers everywhere!

We hope you enjoy our expanding roster of remote programs! Please check back frequently for new additions, including a studio tour with renowned artist Eric Forstmann.

  • May 9, 16 - Keith Moon: Midnight in Chernobyl, 2 pm
  • May 12 - Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan, 11 am
  • May 13 - Balance Class Resumes, Wednesdays, 10:30 am
  • May 14 - Senior Workout with Leslie Eckstein of Studio Lakeville, 1-1:30 pm and every Monday and Thursday

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As signs of fall emerge, we are happy to report that Noble Horizons remains 100% Covid-free.  Every team member has twice tested negative for the virus and all living at Noble continue to be healthy.  Like you, we had hoped that Covid challenges would not persist as they have but we are humbled by the sacrifices, commitment and hard work of so many who have kept Noble Horizons safe, vibrant and flourishing.

Salisbury temperatures will be dipping to 35 this weekend, a stark reminder that fall arrives on Tuesday. Fortunately, the days remain warm enough to enjoy weekly barbeques, outdoor family visits, golf cart rides, fishing, courtyard activities and bounteous harvests from the Noble gardens.  In fact, most of our barbeques feature vegetables and herbs picked just moments before they are served.

Throughout the pandemic during which Noble Horizons has remained COVID-free, we have been committed to ensuring families remain close and in touch.  One of the most meaningful initiatives we have undertaken is the design and construction by Noble team members of a visitation center which provides a cherished opportunity for families to spend time together.

Summer is in full swing and Noble is buzzing!nWe are enjoying lunch outside, revivifying walks amidst the spectacular flowers blooming across campus, worship services in our sheltered courtyards, birdwatching around the ponds, barbecues, family visits and much more.

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