Bill Pond on COVID-19 and Infection Control Director Molly Tanner

As we close out another week of life during the pandemic, we remain profoundly grateful that COVID-19 has not touched a single resident at Noble Horizons. We are diligently working to keep it that way.

Like you, we continue to find ways of adapting to the ‘new normal’ while also embracing the possibilities it brings. This week, we hosted another on-campus parade-the 3rd in as many weeks!-this time for Noble team members, who along with healthcare workers throughout the area, were honored by the Tri-State Chamber of Commerce. Their infectious encouragement and support reminded us of how much we need each other as we move through this pandemic.

Exceptional leadership is also essential during this time, and Noble Horizons is blessed with a team that has earned the trust and confidence of its stakeholders. Administrator Bill Pond was invited to interview on Wednesday with the local NPR affiliate; his conversation provides a reassuring glimpse Noble life in the age of COVID-19. 

You will also want to read about Molly Tanner, Director of Nursing and Infection Control; her dedication and expertise have helped steer Noble through this crisis and we are grateful every day for her strong and compassionate leadership.

Spring has been very slow to arrive to CT's northwest corner, but when temperatures moderate, we'll be spending time on Noble’s many secure terraces, patios, decks and trails. Whenever the sun shines the golf carts meander around campus with happy people relishing the warmth and spring color. Administrator Bill Pond has just begun a daily 11:30 am ‘de-stress’ walk during which team members enjoy social distance socializing while savoring the revivifying fresh air and spring beauty unfurling across campus.

Scenic Hudson: Leading the Environmental Movement for Half A Century  

On May 12 at 10 am, Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan will provide an illustrated Zoom talk about how Scenic Hudson launched the modern environmental movement in the 1960s and emerged as a champion of clean air, water and protected land and farms throughout the region in the 21st century.

Sullivan has led a number of historic collaborative victories against such projects as the proposed St. Lawrence Cement plant and he has led the ongoing campaign for a comprehensive PCB cleanup in the Hudson River. More info and registration which is required.

Keith Moon's Chernobyl class, also taught via Zoom, continues this Saturday at 2 pm.  

From National Volunteer Month to National Nurses Week

We have shared new volunteer stories since our newsletter last week which we hope you will take time to enjoy.

We hope you will celebrate National Nurses Week with us, May 6-May 12 (Florence Nightengale's birthday). We look forward to introducing you to remarkable nurses like Owen who reflects on the 'special rhythms' of the 11 pm-7 am shift he has worked for over 35 years, and Agnieszka, the Director of Education, who trains staff daily in the ever changing COVID protocols.

If you'd like to send notes of good cheer to Noble nurses during National Nurses Week you are welcome to use this link or send mail to: Noble Nurses 17 Cobble Road Salisbury, CT 06068. Thank you, be well and stay safe!

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As signs of fall emerge, we are happy to report that Noble Horizons remains 100% Covid-free.  Every team member has twice tested negative for the virus and all living at Noble continue to be healthy.  Like you, we had hoped that Covid challenges would not persist as they have but we are humbled by the sacrifices, commitment and hard work of so many who have kept Noble Horizons safe, vibrant and flourishing.

Salisbury temperatures will be dipping to 35 this weekend, a stark reminder that fall arrives on Tuesday. Fortunately, the days remain warm enough to enjoy weekly barbeques, outdoor family visits, golf cart rides, fishing, courtyard activities and bounteous harvests from the Noble gardens.  In fact, most of our barbeques feature vegetables and herbs picked just moments before they are served.

Throughout the pandemic during which Noble Horizons has remained COVID-free, we have been committed to ensuring families remain close and in touch.  One of the most meaningful initiatives we have undertaken is the design and construction by Noble team members of a visitation center which provides a cherished opportunity for families to spend time together.

Summer is in full swing and Noble is buzzing!nWe are enjoying lunch outside, revivifying walks amidst the spectacular flowers blooming across campus, worship services in our sheltered courtyards, birdwatching around the ponds, barbecues, family visits and much more.

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