Bill Pond Interview, Hamish Lutris Dates, National Donut Day...

We hope you enjoyed National Donut Day yesterday! We celebrated with a delectable sampling of jelly, frosted, chocolate, and other assorted donuts from the Canaan Dunkin' where our server turned out to be the daughter-in-law of a Noble resident! We do love small-town life!

The state has announced that it will now mandate regular COVID testing of staff members although it has not released a schedule. We are grateful that CT cases are on the decline and continually work with the DPH to reassess our procedures and practices. On Wednesday, Bill Pond spoke with the local NPR affiliate to discuss Noble's successful campaign against COVID which you may listen to here.

We hope you will explore our Zoom programs which are growing in number and popularity. The newest addition is a series on America with the fabulous Hamish Lutris (more info below). One nice feature of Zoom is that friends and families across the country can tune in and enjoy the experience together.

The Country Store opened to residents and staff for limited hours last week and the shopping therapy proved extremely beneficial! Gift items and candy were the top purchases! Team members were treated to a delicious bbq lunch which made life feel almost normal, although the delicious grilled hot dogs, veggie burgers, et al, were consumed at least 6' apart!

Hamish Lutris on America

Don't miss Hamish Lutris' 4-Week Series on the Nature of America and Its Unique Form of Government, which he examines through concepts of freedom, equality, the American dream, and American ideals.

The topic of the first class, which will meet at 11 am on Monday, June 22, is Liberty and the American Experience; the series will run weekly through July 13. Subsequent topics include Immigration in US History, Depressions and Crashes in US History and Feminism in Western History. Please register for a Zoom link.

Five Smart Ways You Can Beat Disease

When Frank Lalli was diagnosed with a deadly blood cancer, he mobilized the reporting skills he had honed while running Forbes, Money and George magazines to learn all he could about health care to stay alive. While living with the cancer for the past 11 years, he became The Health Care Detective, wrote Your Best Health Care Now, and is now the health correspondent for the local NPR station.

Drawing on his many experiences, Lalli has come up with the five smart strategies to beat disease, beginning with how to find the right doctors and form working partnerships with them, negotiating a discount for services when you need it, getting in to see world-renowned specialists, when and how to join clinical trials, avoiding surprise hospital bills – and much more. Please register for the Zoom link.

Don't forget!

Studio Lakeville Senior Workout class Mondays and Wednesdays 1 pm

Noble Horizons weekly balance class, Thursdays, 10:30 am.

A Midsummer Night's Dream The Hotchkiss School's Jim Fornshell, Tuesdays, 2 pm

Five Smart Ways You Can Beat Disease, Frank Lalli, June 13, 11 am

The Nature of America, Hamish Lutris, Mondays, June 22-July 13, 11 am

Donald Ives, Author and four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, July 10, 11 am

Additional programs will be added to our website this week.

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Happy New Year! Like you, we were thrilled to see 2020 end and it was with extra exuberance that we welcomed 2021 with a New Year's Eve parade!  Accompanied by mimosas, residents cheered as staff members scattered bubbles and commemorated the opportunity for new beginnings.  We trust that you, too, were able to usher in hope and the possibility for better times ahead.

We're vaccinated!  The holiday season brought an extra-special gift to Noble Horizons residents and staff who on December 23 received their first of two COVID vaccinations!  Well over 100 vaccines were administered and nary a side effect was reported other than a few slightly sore arms.

The region's recent snowfall has created a magical panorama across Noble's campus. Views in every direction glisten in white and the Berkshire foothills are breathtaking.

Hope and relief abound at Noble in anticipation of Wednesday's administration of the COVID vaccine.  To learn more, please tune in to Bill Pond's Friday interview on the local NPR station.

The holiday season is in full swing and we hope that you are finding ways to enjoy your favorite traditions despite the unusual circumstances.  Festive activities spreading holiday cheer throughout Noble Horizons include tree-trimming, shopping (online!), gift wrapping, decorating and lots of music.

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