Another Accolade for Noble, Hamish Lutris Returns, Cardiologist Dr. O'Dea

Dear Thorunn,

Throughout the pandemic during which Noble Horizons has remained COVID-free, we have been committed to ensuring families remain close and in touch.  One of the most meaningful initatives we have undertaken is the design and construction by Noble team members of a visitation center which provides a cherished opportunity for families to spend time together.

It is a privilege to announce that Connecticut's Department of Aging and Disabilities has recognized Noble's inventive innovation and will be featuring it in the 'Best Practices' section of its quarterly publication, Silver Panther.  Noble Horizons Administrator, Bill Pond is deeply grateful to the many staff members who have made this honor possible, particularly to Recreation Director Lana Knutson, the Physical Plant team and Director Joe Thibodeau, and Director of Social work Linda Orlowski. You may read the article here.

Safeguard your Cardiac Health Through COVID and Beyond

Maintaining regular visits to a physician has been challenging during COVID but it is essential that care not be delayed.  On August 20, from 2-3 pm, veteran cardiologist Dr. Daniel O’Dea from The Heart Center at Sharon Hospital will provide guidance on how to effectively track cardiac wellness from the comfort of one’s home, and explain the steps necessary to safely self-monitor cardiac health.   With supervision from a physician and the use of heart health tools, he will highlight how to keep your heart strong. More information, registration and a Zoom link are here.

Attitude of Gratitude

Like you, we continue to grapple with COVID's challenges but we are cheered almost daily by the gracious expressions of gratitude that lift spirits and deliver serendipitous joy throughout Noble.  Below are pictures from the Noble Horizons Auxiliary's thank you luncheon as well as photos of a delicious gift from a resident expressing her sincere appreciation.

We are enormously privileged to be part of a community embedded with such kindness and thoughtfulness.  We thank YOU for all YOU do to enrich life and make a difference at Noble Horizons.

The Roots of the Constitution

Hamish Lutris is back! In this all-important election year, join Lutris for a deep look inside our nation's most revered document, the Constitution of the United States of America.  The first class is scheduled for September 2 at 11 am and will feature, "We Hold These Truths…" The Philosophy Behind the Constitution.

Subsequent classes meet at 11 am on September 14 (The Constitutional Convention), September 21 (The Guide Which I Shall Never Abandon: The American Presidency) and September 28 (The Weakest Branch: The Supreme Court).  More information, registration and a Zoom link are here.

It's Not Just a Job

For 15 years, Director of Admission Linda Castaldi has been welcoming people to Noble Horizons. “I’m the first voice people hear when they call Noble.   I’m always in contact with residents’ families, helping them feel at ease ..I like making families feel comfortable.”  Linda goes on to explain, "I tell the family, you’ve made the decision. Let me manage the process. You relax, I’ll take it from here.”

Known for her natural warmth, Linda's compassion is also informed by her experiences as a daughter of two former Noble residents-her mother returned to Noble twice for rehab and her father-in-law lived on campus this past spring.  "The staff were exceptional. They truly cared about my parents and treated my mother and father-in-law like family." To read more about Linda.

Take It Easy!

If you'd like more time to relax, feel pampered and enjoy life a little more, consider the Cobble with its hotel style accommodations and countless amenities and services.

Whether it's three chef prepared meals daily, housekeeping, one-on-one fitness training, 24/7 nursing access, free transportation or exquisite views of the Berkshire mountains, you can count on the peace of mind that comes with the comfort and security of life in a COVID-free, 5-star community.  You may contact Linda Castaldi to learn more.

New and Ongoing Free Zoom Programs!

Civil Disobedience with Hotchkiss Instructor Dr. Thomas Fisher, T/Th 11 am-Noon

Noble Horizons weekly balance class, Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30 am

Studio Lakeville Senior Workout class Wednesdays, 1-1:30 pm

Cardiac Health During Covid and Beyond, Cardiologist Dr. O'Dea, August 20, 2-3 pm

Hamish Lutris, The Roots of the Constitution, Begins September 2, 11 am-noon

Chair Yoga, Eleanor Miller of Yoga at Space Weekly Begins September 11, 11am-noon

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COVID remains the lead story throughout the nation, although the infection rates in Litchfield County continue to fall as does the snow!

This week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that they had awarded Noble Horizons its rare 5-Star designation for the sixth consecutive quarter.

Lots of good news from Noble Horizons!  As of January 21, every person living or working at Noble is COVID-free, and 100% of Cobble, Wagner, Riga and Whitridge residents have been vaccinated!

Happy New Year! Like you, we were thrilled to see 2020 end and it was with extra exuberance that we welcomed 2021 with a New Year's Eve parade!  Accompanied by mimosas, residents cheered as staff members scattered bubbles and commemorated the opportunity for new beginnings.  We trust that you, too, were able to usher in hope and the possibility for better times ahead.

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