A Heartwarming Story, 5 Ways to Beat Disease...

Noble Horizons hosted two ceremonies on Memorial Day against a backdrop of perfect weather. The Gettysburg Address was read and patriotic songs were sung. Though we dearly missed our small-town Memorial Day Parade and the opportunity to salute local veterans, our services were moving and meaningful for all.

We remain COVID free and we hope that you and yours are healthy and well. The state of Connecticut has mandated COVID testing for all nursing home residents; Noble's tests will be administered on Monday and we expect the results by Wednesday. Our family visits continue to go well, offering cherished opportunities for reconnection and assurances that loved ones are well.

May is Older Americans Month, the 2020 theme for which is "Make Your Mark." This theme was selected to encourage and celebrate the countless contributions older adults make to our communities. Their time, experience, and talents benefit family, peers, and neighbors every day. Noble Horizons is proud to honor them and is grateful for the significant impact they have on our lives and communities.

The Spirit of Generosity

Securing the necessary PPE to safeguard healthcare workers across the country has been an ongoing challenge for all healthcare organizations. Noble Horizons has received countless donations from local community members whose generosity and industriousness have literally saved lives.

We were recently connected with Terry Augustyn, an RN at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital whose remarkable group of home-based volunteers has produced and distributed over 1800 face shields across CT's northwest corner. We are honored to share their inspiring story which is a testament to the redemptive refrain of this pandemic: Together we will get through this.

Five Ways to Beat Disease

On June 13 at 11 am, join award-winning journalist and editor Frank Lalli for "Five Ways You Can Beat Disease." When Lalli was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, he experienced the bewildering labyrinth of America's health care system which he chronicled in a New York Times op-ed piece "A Health Insurance Detective Story." Based on his odyssey, Lalli will share five strategies to ensure you get the best care possible.

Following his healthcare sojurn, Lalli became The Health Care Detective™ for a variety of publications and media outlets. He has been an investigative reporter for Forbes, the editor of Money and George magazines, appeared as a specialist on Today, Good Morning America and Nightline, and is currently the special health correspondent for Parade. Please register for a Zoom link.

Enjoying Noble's Campus

Spring has finally settled in, offering opportunities to enjoy Noble's beautiful campus. In addition to fishing in the ponds, a gardening program is underway, thanks to the generosity of the Noble Horizons Auxiliary who purchased handicap accessible raised garden beds and trellises. Residents will plant, care for and harvest the gardens as well as prepare and cook what they grow. Recreation Department member Danielle Bailey successfully completed a ServSafe certification course to ensure that residents can enjoy the full farm to table experience.

In the cottage neighborhood, pop up tents and safely distanced chairs have been set up to provide opportunities for socially distanced interactions, reading, or a spot to rest during a walk. Cottagers are out on the trails with their dogs and one intrepid couple is welcoming the season with a new cocker spaniel puppy.

Upcoming outdoor activities include barbeques, llama visits and socially distanced croquet.

Don't forget!

Studio Lakeville Leslie Eckstein's Senior Workout class Mondays and Wednesdays 1 pm

Noble Horizons weekly balance class, Thursdays, 10:30 am.

A Midsummer Night's Dream with The Hotchkiss School's Jim Fornshell, Tuesdays, 2 pm

Zoom codes for these free classes are in the links above.

Upcoming Programs

Hamish Lutris-A Series on Transformation (dates announced next week)

Liberty as Controversy in US History
Immigration in US History
Depressions and crashes in US History
Feminism in US History

Donald Ives, Author and four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee,

July 10 at 11 am

More information on these and other programs will be available next week. Please check our website for updates and program additions.

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As signs of fall emerge, we are happy to report that Noble Horizons remains 100% Covid-free.  Every team member has twice tested negative for the virus and all living at Noble continue to be healthy.  Like you, we had hoped that Covid challenges would not persist as they have but we are humbled by the sacrifices, commitment and hard work of so many who have kept Noble Horizons safe, vibrant and flourishing.

Salisbury temperatures will be dipping to 35 this weekend, a stark reminder that fall arrives on Tuesday. Fortunately, the days remain warm enough to enjoy weekly barbeques, outdoor family visits, golf cart rides, fishing, courtyard activities and bounteous harvests from the Noble gardens.  In fact, most of our barbeques feature vegetables and herbs picked just moments before they are served.

Throughout the pandemic during which Noble Horizons has remained COVID-free, we have been committed to ensuring families remain close and in touch.  One of the most meaningful initiatives we have undertaken is the design and construction by Noble team members of a visitation center which provides a cherished opportunity for families to spend time together.

Summer is in full swing and Noble is buzzing!nWe are enjoying lunch outside, revivifying walks amidst the spectacular flowers blooming across campus, worship services in our sheltered courtyards, birdwatching around the ponds, barbecues, family visits and much more.

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