Mankind's History with Walls

On Saturday, March 30 at 11 am, Noble Horizons welcomes author and historian David Frye, Ph.D. who will discuss his new book, Walls: A History of Civilization in Blood and Brick.

Walls tells the epic story of history’s greatest manmade barriers, from ancient times to the present. For over ten thousand years, walls have protected us and divided us and much of humankind has lived inside walls, behind walls, on the right or wrong side of walls. In a recent Washington Post interview Frye explained, "Walls of the past and the walls of the present are built for the purpose of security, and it's this idea of security that is the timeless link. Insecurity is just a chronic form of fear, and it's certainly insecurity that has driven the building of both the ancient and the modern walls."

David Frye holds a Ph.D. from Duke University and teaches ancient and medieval history at Eastern Connecticut State University. He has participated in several international archeological digs and has contributed to, Military History, and McSweeney's, as well as numerous academic journals in the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

In its review of Walls, The Financial Times wrote, "Walls project a language of security, but their construction stems from a sense of insecurity, an intense fear of losing what you have." The New Yorker described Walls as "a lively history," while the Wall Street Journal opined, "Walls is told with eloquence and panache . . . vivid prose... writing as clear as on any wall."

Register below for Dr. Frye’s free program, at which Walls will be sold and signed, or call 860-435-9851.

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