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The power of teamwork is embedded in the Noble culture, and in a recent conversation with Riga housekeepers Cynthia Curran and Heather Fresca, it is clear that teamwork is the secret to Noble’s strength.

Social media is in the headlines daily. Whether it’s a tweet from a celebrity, politician, or news outlet, headlines about Facebook or viral videos from YouTube, social media, which is free and easy to use, has become a regular part of our lives.

Part 2 of the 3 part series presented by Hamish Lutris: Connecticut’s African-American Soldiers

Memory Care is a program or level of specialized care for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Dedicated areas of senior living communities provide safe and secure environments where staff can closely monitor the well-being of residents.

Part 1 of the 3 part series presented by Hamish Lutris: Partus Sequitur Ventrum: The History of Slavery in America

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down for just about everyone, but seniors – who are at the highest risk of serious complications from the virus – have faced the most significant restrictions on their activities.

When thinking about aging, negative associations often follow- will I have trouble getting around, will I face health issues, will I be alone...That said, a positive attitude can transform the experience of aging.   Decades of research on ‘happy aging’ has confirmed that a positive outlook can improve one’s emotional and physical health throughout the aging process.

Memory loss is not inevitable as we age, says neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, M.D. “There’s a natural wear and tear that happens to our bodies, but the brain is different,” Gupta says. “It can be sustained throughout your entire life and can even get stronger.” Here are eight of his tips to prevent memory loss.

While physical exercise and daily movement are key to living a healthy life, mental exercise for brain health and dexterity are equally as important and games are one of the most effective and entertaining ways of get your mind and memory in shape.   A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry associated activities like reading books or magazines, playing board games or cards, or even betting on horse racing with a lower risk of dementia in older adults.

There is a tendency to judge groups of people as homogeneous rather a collection of individuals.   Seniors, for example, consist of different demographics, pursue different goals, harbor different needs or concerns, and enjoy different hobbies and interests. These generalizations can extend to senior living communities that are as diverse as the people who call them home.

Have you ever bought something new, put it away for future use, and then months or even years later find it stuffed in a corner or back of a drawer – sometimes with the store tag or label still on it? You aren’t alone. We all accumulate stuff over the years – and yes, stuff we don’t even remember we have. Some items become heirlooms or even hold sentimental value that can’t be purchased like artwork created by children or grandchildren.

Starting a new exercise regimen can be tough at any age, but for an older adult it can be especially intimidating. For those who are out of shape or dealing with health conditions it can be downright scary. That’s where yoga comes in.

In Greek, “Holos” means wholeness. From the Greek root, holism is thus to do with the whole unit rather than as a sum of its individual parts. It follows naturally, then, that holistic care is about caring for the whole human being.

To say Noble Horizons is in Auxiliary President Judy McKernon’s blood would be stating the obvious. Judy’s family connection to Noble dates back to its inception.  Judy’s father Tom Wagner, a local attorney, was chosen to administer the John H and Ethel G Noble Charitable Trust, the purpose of which was to provide a place for older people to live out their lives in pleasant, homelike surroundings.  Noble Horizons was created to fulfill this purpose, and Tom, with his wife Fran, played central roles in its development.

Most people equate December with the holidays – and rightfully so – but December is also a great month to spend some time on hobbies like reading and writing. In fact, the whole month of December is known as Read a New Book Month, and December 7th is National Letter Writing Day!

On December 4thwe wished long time Recreation Department member, JoAnna Whitmore, a happy retirement.  JoAnna joined the Noble community nine years ago, following a long career at Sharon Hospital. “It was one of the best decisions I ever made. As soon as I got here, I felt so at home. Everyone here is so caring and dedicated." Looking back, she adds, "I feel like I should always have been here.  I am leaving with lots of love.”

Lynn Famigletti loves her job.  “I always want to do what I can to help everybody,” says Lynn and as the Wellness Coordinator she is doing exactly that.

On November 12th at 7 pm via Zoom, Noble Horizons hosted Eugenia Zukerman, Hailed by the Boston Globe as “an international triple threat...a published novelist, a television commentator and, most impressively, one of the finest flutists of our time", as she talked about living with Alzheimer’s and her beautiful book “Like Falling Through a Cloud”. Eugenia was accompanied by Elizabeth Smith-Boivin, Executive Director of Alzheimer's Association Northeastern New York.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and it’s also the kickoff to the holiday season. The most important focus of the holidays is spending time enjoying the company of friends and family, although the food is a very close second. Whether you or an aging loved one has diabetes, it can be especially difficult to manage the disease during this time of year. It requires self-control and some careful planning.