This place has been the best surprise of my adult life

“This place has been the best surprise of my adult life,” shared Jean O’Connor, a recent rehab patient at Noble Horizons. Although Ms. O’Connor’s stay at Noble may not have been long, the impression Noble’s staff and the level of care provided during the course of her rehab will stay with her for years to come.

Ms. O’Connor, who has worked in the nursing field for nearly sixty-years, has seen many places that claim to offer similar services to Noble Horizons - but few have delivered Noble’s level of care. As a result of her past experiences, Jean had developed a certain perception regarding rehab care facilities in general, “I worked as a night charge nurse in a few places you might consider traditional nursing homes and rehab centers, and because of my previous experiences, I told myself I would never consider becoming even a short-term resident in one of those places.”

During her decades of first-hand experience, Jean has come to understand how critical proper staffing is to the optimal functioning of any form of personal care. Particularly when it comes to shifts and staff-to-resident support - when a shift is short-staffed, it can directly impact a resident’s rehab capabilities in negative ways, and they may not be able to receive the services needed to get back to full health. However, according to Ms. O’Connor, that is not the case at Noble Horizons: “Everyone from the cleaning staff to the charge nurses pitch in, I’ve seen everyone make beds for example. All of these kinds of things contribute to an outstanding atmosphere here at Noble Horizons.”

When Jean recently broke her arm and was informed by her doctor that she would indeed need rehab, the process of her educational transition regarding her perceptions of Noble Horizons began. After Noble was suggested to Jean by the discharge nurse at Sharon Hospital, her immediate thought was, “I can’t afford Noble Horizons!” It wasn’t until the local medical professionals and members of the community who have worked and experienced Noble’s level of care for themselves informed Jean of just how accommodating Noble is in a variety of ways, including and perhaps most importantly for most, accepting almost every kind of insurance.

For Jean, who has spent time in personal care on both coasts of the country, from Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, NY, to Santa Monica Hospital, UCLA, and even Urgent Care at LAX in California, Noble Horizons has set the standard for the kind of dedicated commitment to a fully-realized improvement in the quality of life for everyone who spends time here. “Education is the most important factor for this community as it relates to Noble Horizons. I feel there are so many people that need this type of service in our area, and deserve this beautiful place. People need to know how accepting Noble Horizons is, because it is the example that every place needs to strive to be, and I mean that with all of my heart.”

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As life under COVID-19 continues to evolve, the Noble team is redoubling its meticulous commitment to maintaining the safety and well-being of all members of the Noble Horizons community. Administrator Bill Pond reviews and adjusts policies daily, responding to the latest DPH and CDC guidelines, as well as proactively implementing measures to keep the virus out of Noble. 

As we move through these surreal and challenging times, we are grateful for the close bonds that nourish us, now more than ever.  We draw strength, succor and friendship from each other and hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

Autumn Cockroft, the Nurse Manager on Riga, has lived her whole life in the company of seniors and was destined for her role at Noble Horizons.

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