Our Shared Bonds

As we move through these surreal and challenging times, we are grateful for the close bonds that nourish us, now more than ever.  We draw strength, succor and friendship from each other and hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

Like you, we yearn for the end of this siege, for the safety of our loved ones and for the day that we can come together again.  Until then, we are finding deep inspiration in the positive spirit infusing the remarkable Noble community.  We are moved by the ties that unite us and our shared goal of surmounting these challenges together.  While our deeply dedicated team works tirelessly to keep the COVID out of Noble, it also continues to offer terrific programs that fortify the physical, social, spiritual and emotional health and well-being of every Noble community member.  Many of the activities have been modified to reflect the latest safety precautions but life remains rich and full.  We encourage you to read Recreation Director Lana Knutson’s update (click activities-update); it will cheer and impress you.

In closing, we hope you will please check back often as well as visit our Facebookpage for news and details of life at Noble during the pandemic.  We are weathering this crisis together and we need you!   As we begin a new week of distancing, safety precautions, and attenuated links to one another, we’d like to share this video of Noble team members raising spirits with a parade throughout Noble last Tuesday.  Our theme was Noble Strong and we dressed in protective gear, marching 6’ from each other with cleaning and sanitizing products to reinforce the message of being safe and regular hand washing.  We hope you enjoy it and know how much your support and friendship mean to us.

Please be safe and be well.  

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