“Noble Horizons saved my life!” Jill Sheffield’s Christmas miracle

As the passionate founder of a leading global advocate for women's health, Jill Sheffield has spent her career saving lives. One Christmas Eve night, however, it was her own life that was in peril...

When knee pain prevented Jill from doing the work she so loved, a double knee replacement seemed the best way to get her back to job as quickly as possible. What Jill didn’t count on, however, was developing an infection so severe that she had to undergo emergency surgery to remove her knee replacements and endure three months of intensive intravenous therapy to vanquish the raging infection.

When the hospital finally discharged Jill home, her condition began to worsen. She urgently needed specialized care and it was Christmas Eve. In desperation, her husband Jim called Noble Horizons who welcomed Jill that night.

Jill awoke at Noble on Christmas morning and began her long road to recovery. “I was really sick,” Jill recalls. “I didn’t want to eat. Noble’s chef came to see me to ask what he could make for me. The ambiance and the attitude of the people were wonderful. They took such good care of me.”

Three months later, the nurses and caregivers who had nurtured Jill back to health, prepared to say good bye. “Noble Horizons saved my life,” Jill will tell you.

Jill continues to do her own part to save lives across the globe and Noble Horizons, with generous help from generations of caring people like you, continues to offer the finest care in the northwest corner.


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Noble Horizons has worked hard to keep families close throughout pandemic. We are proud to announce that the visitation center designed and constructed by members of the Noble team to allow safe family visits during the pandemic will be featured in the Best Practices section of the State of Connecticut's Department of Aging and Disability Services Silver Panther summer newsletter.  

For 15 years,  Linda Castaldi has been welcoming people to Noble Horizons. “I’m the first voice people hear when they call Noble,” Linda describes, “I’m always in contact with residents’ families, helping them feel at ease and providing them with information.”

When you ask Laurie Frey what she does at Noble Horizons you quickly realize there is very little she doesn’t do. From personnel to housekeeping, laundry to the reception desk, Laurie Frey does it all ... with boundless energy, an infectious smile and a deep fondness for Noble residents and their families. “I like to do different things, and I love to do anything that brings me in contact with the residents. I enjoy having a bond with them.”

Today’s birding blog brings me back to Massachusetts, more specifically the town of Sheffield. The location is Bartholomew’s Cobble, a property owned by the Trustees of the Reservation (the same organization that maintains Field Farm), a location that was chock full of birds and one of the most beautiful locations that I have visited for this blog series.