Noble Horizons’ CNA Amy McEnroe

Noble Horizons’ 5-Star rating is a reflection of the commitment, expertise and deep compassion Noble team members bring to their job each and every day. While highly trained as healthcare professionals, they also bring a multitude of talents cultivated outside the workplace. When Noble Horizons’ CNA Amy McEnroe was recently seen in her Noble uniform directing traffic at an emergency detour, we learned firsthand about the other life she leads as a highly trained volunteer firefighter! “I wanted to give back to my community and I absolutely love it!”

Amy was clear, however, that despite her significant commitments, family comes first. Fortunately for the Noble Horizons community, Amy considers everyone at Noble to be a part of her extended family and remains steadfast in her commitment to help each resident experience the best of life on a daily basis. “It’s not just my job, Noble is my family.” Amy grew up in Millerton, NY and lives in Amenia with her husband, Klynt, whom she met in high school, and their two children.

Amy comes from a close-knit, multi-generational family and when her grandmother’s health began to fail soon after Amy finished college, she made the decision to take care of her grandmother, whom she adored, while living at home, “My grandmother was everything to me. She had a BIG heart. I feel that I instinctively have a great deal of compassion for both the elderly and children, and I loved looking after my grandma when she could no longer accomplish things on her own.” Not only did Amy’s care for her grandmother deepen their relationship, her experience inspired Amy to begin her career as a CNA, a field in which she has worked for the last sixteen years. “In short, a CNA does everything.” Amy takes particular delight in helping people look their very best and loves adding special touches like a favorite belt, earrings, make-up, or a flattering hairstyle. “I like when a family member says to their loved one, ‘You look amazing.’ That makes me so happy.”

Amy also handles medical transportation needs, not only as a driver, but as the scheduler for trips as far away as New Haven and Hartford. “Wherever a resident needs to see a physician, I go.” One of her favorite parts about these trips is the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with a resident and the special moments they make possible. “One of my regular passengers loves McDonald’s, and he always asks, ''Do we have time for a treat?’ so we stop for his favorite snacks before returning to Noble.”

“There are times when it is stressful but I absolutely love it.” While maintaining her firefighting certifications requires frequent travel to Poughkeepsie, fire calls come at all hours and two young children clamor for her attention, Amy reflects, “It’s important for me that I make time for them, for everyone. My family knows I want to give back and are happy when I can help members of my Noble family.” In truth, Amy’s juggling act only emboldens her passion for helping both the people of the community, and her Noble Horizons family. “Even if it’s something as simple as stopping with the residents for a cup of coffee, or as complex as driving an hour and a half to two hours to Hartford or New Haven for holiday visits or doctor’s appointments, I love every moment I get to help. I come to work every day with a smile on my face.”

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