Meet the Noble Staff, Volunteers, and Animals Featured in Main Street Magazine

December 2019

Meredith Dittmar’s more than 25 years as a graphic designer has made her an especially skilled artisan in the world of presentations. “The best feeling of all is when my work is able to give clients more dignity and confidence in the presentation environment.” Her passion for visual transformations has helped her excel in a different, more festival-related field. One of Meredith’s annual hobbies is creating Christmas displays for Noble Horizon’s Festival of Trees. Over the last several years, she has dedicated most of the holiday season to perfecting the Auxiliary’s popular festival and Gala Party. “I really love the feeling of the holidays, and when they are behind us, we get to start out with a fresh new year!”

January 2020

“So here’s my claim to fame,” begins Linda Orlowski modestly. “My father, in 1954 built the first purpose-built nursing home in Hartford County, CT, which, coincidently, is the year I was born.” Needless to say, Linda, now Director of Social Work and Memory Care, has spent most of her life caring for others. “I have loved every aspect of my jobs in healthcare, and held every job you could imagine in my father’s nursing home.” After earning a Master’s degree in social work at Fordham University, Linda returned to the family business of senior care and loves extending a helping hand at Noble Horizons. “The gorgeous campus, the caliber of people, and the home-like feeling make this place and this area one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.”

February 2020

Cindy Brothers may be a relative newcomer to the healthcare scene at Noble Horizons, where she works as a therapeutic recreation director, but her warm-hearted spirit reflects the experience of a seasoned pro. “I love working with people and getting to put smiles on my residents’ faces every day. I feel like I’m making a difference in their quality of life.” Cindy also loves the natural beauty of the area, “I do a lot of hiking around here; my favorite outdoor getaway is Bash Bish Falls in Hillsdale, NY. My favorite thing about our area is simply how rural and gorgeous it is. Every season contains something to look forward to and there’s so much to explore outside.”

March 2020 (Main Street's "Animal" issue)

Noble Horizons in Salisbury, CT, has welcomed two parakeets, Fred and Ethel, as part of their pet therapy program. “Ethel, the smaller one is about a year old,” says Lana Knutson, director of Recreation at Noble Horizons. Fred is bigger with green on his back, and he is about seven. “I purchased Ethel in October because Fred’s original mate passed away. I was a bit concerned that Fred might not be welcoming to a new bird, but from the moment they met he was so happy to have a companion.” Of their newfound friendship, Lana says, “They get along marvelously and can be heard from down the hall singing happily together. Their names were announced at Noble's Valentine's Day dinner after a week-long contest during which residents submitted name suggestions."

April 2020

From the time he was 15, Joe Thibodeau has possessed a strong passion for helping those in need and has been working in long-term healthcare in some form ever since. “I am the Physical Plant Director here at Noble Horizons i and am responsible for overseeing the entire 110- acre Noble Horizons campus as well as 50 cottages. I love the atmosphere and the help I am able to provide for residents and families in their time of need.” Outside of work Joe enjoys spending time with family, restoring classic cars, bowling, and camping trips to Rhode Island. “I am from Wolcott, CT, and have lived there my whole life. The environment is very important to me both at Noble and at home, and so recycling is a huge part of my job as well as my home life.”

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