Marion Romeo - Over 2 decades of touching lives

Marion Romeo’s 9/24 Lakeville Journal picture with her husband Fred doesn't just celebrate 60 years of marriage, it recognizes the loyalty that defines Marion's commitment to others.  Her astonishing 20-years as a beloved Noble Horizons volunteer further evidences her dedication and steadfastness.  After retiring from a nursing career in 1998, Marion brought her skills, compassion, and kind heart to Noble and two decades later she continues to touch lives.

In her own words below, Marion shares memories of her many years at Noble Horizons  

I retired as an RN from the Salisbury Visiting Nursing Association in 1998 and soon after began volunteering for Noble Horizons for approximately 20 years. My daughter Deanne Lyle, an RN at Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington, MA, also volunteered with me, depending on her schedule.

I made weekly visits to the Whitridge residents (memory care), offering back rubs and hand massages. The residents enjoyed the physical contact, the soothing touch, and the conversation. Often, it was only the quiet holding of hands that made such a difference. The aides gave wonderful care but sometimes didn't have the time to sit and talk. It was fun to assist with Bingo, games, baking, and crafts, even making dog biscuits for the holiday fair in the wintertime.

Also in the past, we had weekly sing-a-longs accompanied by a guitar and other forms of musical entertainment. I had a book of old songs which we enjoyed singing in small groups. Even the non-verbal veterans would suddenly belt out patriotic songs like "God Bless America" and "My Country Tis of Thee." It was a very rewarding and heartfelt experience which I hope to resume at Noble Horizons when the volunteers are able to return.

In 2019, I was a patient at Noble Horizons and was able to experience first-hand the skill, warmth, and kindness of the nurses and the aides employed there. The physical therapists also aided my recovery by setting up my goals and plan of care. Along with the therapy, there were always words of support and encouragement from everyone.

I feel we are so fortunate to have Noble Horizons in our area to offer such outstanding care.

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