Many Acts of Kindness

Children at Salisbury Central School have emailed charming pictures of their drawings, paintings, crafting and chalk-work that you can see here.  As Pre-K teacher Rebecca Gaschel wrote,
We'd love to send pictures to your fabulous residents thus continuing our tradition of sending projects your way.   To circumvent the actual paper could the children take pictures of projects and drawings, pass them along in a safe way and you could print them? We are anxious to do something helpful to spread cheer not germs!

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Whether you are new to Medicare or have been enrolled for several years, it’s important to understand that Medicare plans change from year to year.  The best time to join a Medicare health or drug plan is when you first get Medicare. Signing up when you’re first eligible can help you avoid paying a lifetime Part D late enrollment penalty. If you miss your first chance, you can sign up during Medicare’s annual Open Enrollment Period (October 15–December 7).

Drawing attention to stroke awareness and art therapy is very important in our community. Because of a stroke’s significant impact on the physical body, victims may struggle to adjust emotionally. Stress, frustration, and helplessness are all feelings that can negatively affect a stroke victim’s self-esteem and quality of life.  

As we get older, this common back problem can get worse. Here's how to recognize the symptoms.

Although there is no magic pill for preventing falls in the elderly, we often overlook one of the best kept secrets in prevention.  Physical Therapists can help reduce the risk of elderly falls by 25 percent or more. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries in older adults and are the most common cause of nonfatal, trauma related hospitals admissions.