Jodi O’Brien, R.N. and the Wellness Clinic

In her five years at Noble Horizons, Jodi O’Brien, RN, is one of a handful of nurses to work in every level of living at Noble. She began as nursing supervisor in the memory care level in the Whitridge Nursing Wing. Then she transitioned to independent residents in the Wellness Clinic, helping cottage and Cobble residents maintain their health and vigor. Recently promoted to Associate Director of Nursing, she expects she’ll interact most often with residents in skilled care. Certainly, her familiarity with the full scope of life at Noble will be a valuable asset in her new position. Until a successor is chosen, though, Jodi will continue in her current post.

The Wellness Clinic is one of the special services made possible by the Caroline Wall Fund, a substantial bequest made by the late Mrs. Wall, who wanted to make it possible for others to remain independent in their cottages as she had. Key among the essential services she identified was a Wellness Clinic as well as transportation on and off campus, and staffing the fitness center with a personal trainer.

The Wellness Clinic, adjacent to the fitness center on Wagner’s often bustling main corridor, is open on a walk-in basis daily. Cottage and Cobble residents see Jodi regularly for ongoing monitoring of chronic conditions and for screenings, medical referrals, setting up medication reminders and re-ordering prescriptions, scheduling medical appointments, administering flu shots and, in the warmer months, removing ticks. Knowing Jodi is there for them gives cottagers an added sense of security, particularly those who live alone. A few cottagers stop by to check in with Jodi every day, knowing that if she doesn’t see them she’ll be at their door to make sure they’re okay. She makes frequent “cottage calls” to care for residents who aren’t feeling well.

Though not strictly medical, one of Jodi’s most important functions is to be a friend and a trusted confidante. “I want to make them feel comfortable and that they can talk to me,” she said. “It’s a great job.”

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