Grace Frey: Noble Horizons Helped Shaped Her Career Choice

Grace Frey is on the frontline of Noble in a different way during COVID. If you call, it’s often her cheerful and helpful voice that will greet you and direct you to where you need to go.

Like many of us, Grace’s year is progressing much differently than she had expected. In December, she was training for the front desk to work during school breaks. In the new year, she returned to her studies at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), where she is majoring in healthcare administration with a minor in sociology.

In March, SNHU closed due to COVID and moved to online instruction, Grace pivoted to living at home and working part-time at the desk, ascending the learning curve very quickly. When school finished in May she increased her hours for the summer months. In September, the university will remain fully online and Grace will continue her studies and gain valuable real-world career experience at Noble Horizons.

“I want to work here in the future. This position allows me to see all aspects of Noble and how it’s run. From admissions to the business office, to human resources where my mom works,” (Grace’s mom is Laurie Frey, Noble’s Personnel Coordinator). Grace sees her time at Noble as “a progression. I’m learning to talk to people on the phone and direct them to the help they need. I’m also helping many people at once. I really love it here. It’s the best place to work!”

Grace’s love affair with Noble stems back to childhood. “When I was 11, I would come with my mom in the summer and volunteer in Whitridge every day with Bonnie. It helped me grow into what I wanted to do.” Grace was such a valuable and committed volunteer in her younger days that she earned the Junior Volunteer of the Year Award.

Grace’s affection for Noble and its staff and residents reflect the family atmosphere that pervades Noble Horizons. “Everyone is helpful and nice. Things change every day and I’m learning from people all the time.”

Right now, Grace enjoys getting to know people. “For people who call regularly, I get to know their voices and they get to know mine. I enjoy creating a bond with people and look forward to seeing people at the front desk again. I like working at the front desk.”

She reflects on her deep affection for working with seniors. “I love working with older people. They make me feel valuable. I enjoy hearing their stories and getting advice from them about their life experiences. They give me a perspective on life that’s based on their wisdom that I can use in my own life.”

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