Administrator Bill Pond reviews and adjusts policies daily, responding to the latest DPH and CDC guidelines

As life under COVID-19 continues to evolve, the Noble team is redoubling its meticulous commitment to maintaining the safety and well-being of all members of the Noble Horizons community. Administrator Bill Pond reviews and adjusts policies daily, responding to the latest DPH and CDC guidelines, as well as proactively implementing measures to keep the virus out of Noble. 

Moved by the Noble team’s selfless dedication and stalwart determination to protect the residents Noble Horizons,  Bill sent a message to Noble community members this past weekend, recognizing and honoring their heroic work during this pandemic.

We invite you to read the excerpts from it:  

All of you are extraordinary in how you are you are facing the challenges associated with keeping this bug out.  You’re are strong, bold and expert…I thank you all and praise you for your efforts!

We have a lot of heroes working at Noble Horizons!

I want to acknowledge all you are doing to support cottage residents.

I want to thank our  nursing staff for their incredible abilities to assess clinical developments and the extraordinary dedication of our Certified Nursing Assistants who go into resident rooms unafraid and undeterred.  They are diligent and committed to those they serve.

Our Housekeepers are heroes!  They are maintaining a level of cleanliness that meets the highest possible standards.  They are literally keeping this bug out!!!

Our maintenance crew, always second to none!  They are assisting in others areas to help maintain our property and will…continue to prepare us for spring and summer.

The Rec team brings visual communications from our residents to their loved ones at home.  Heartwarming stories abound from the opportunities created for  conversation despite the limits of travel and visitation.   

As always, our food service team is delivering meals of the highest quality and have increased the offerings to our cottage residents. They are heroes!  They are providing frozen meals for staff and their families daily in addition to the approximately 310 meals that are served every day to our residents and cottagers.

Our staff members on the Cobble Unit are heroes!  Because of outside access restrictions, they have implemented very creative ideas to engage residents of the Cobble and are always available to simply sit and listen, embracing the concerns that arise from a more restricted environment.

Our receptionists and concierges…readily address questions, concerns for loved ones and are expert at providing accurate and soothing information.

Our Therapists continue to work closely with those in need of rehabilitation, often through modified approaches consistent with all our infection control protocols. They ensure wellness and functional development and I thank them for their steadfast dedication to us all.

Thank you to all of our managers and our in house infection control team.  They demonstrate skillful leadership every day, and are sensitive to what their teams are facing.

We are NOBLE STRONG!  God Bless our staff!


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